Hello Coordinated Brides!

2019 Coordinated Brides!!  You’ve been e-mailing and messaging inquiring as to when we will begin the application process for our 2019 Guest Bride Bloggers.  The time is now! the 2019 #TCBBLOGGER application process is now open.

We had over 110 applicants in 2018 and 10 Guest Bride Bloggers were selected.  We are only accepting a maximum of 5 – yes you read that correctly – we are only accepting {5} 2019 Coordinated Brides.

Applications are now being accepted from Coordinated Brides getting married between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019 – only.  This is an amazing opportunity to journal your wedding planning process and share your journey with thousands of brides from around the world while giving your photographers and planners some well deserved kudos!

Want some tips to help get selected as one of the chosen few??

Be Confident || Be Convincing || Be Unique || Be Interesting || Be Honest

Besides the above we ask for a few little things like knowing the difference between your, you’re, there, their and they’re.  Good grammar is key!

Perks! Perks! Perks!  Did I mention that there are perks?!!

  • All accepted Guest Bride Bloggers are featured on The Coordinated Bride Wedding Blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook social media pages
  • All accepted Guest Bride Bloggers receive first preference on Reposts via our Instagram account
  • All Guest Bride Bloggers will have the professional images from their engagement shoot,  bridal shower and wedding posted on the blog and streamed on all of our social media accounts

Since our selection process for 2019 is very strict, we are conducting the 2019 GBB Open Call for 2 weeks. The deadline to apply is Monday, October 8th and we will begin notifying the selected Guest Bride Bloggers the last week of October.

You can find the application guidelines by clicking the image below!  Be sure to download and read the document in it’s entirety prior to submitting your application.  At a very high-level:

  1. Read the Application Guidelines thoroughly (consider yourself reminded)
  2. Send an e-mail to submissions@thecoordinatedbride.com with the subject line “2019 Guest Bride Blogger”
  3. In the e-mail include the bride and groom names, social media handles, wedding date, wedding state or country
  4. Attach a MS Word document to the e-mail that will serve as your application and your first journal entry – if you are selected.  This is where we review your writing skills, grammar, etc.  The MS Word document should include your love story, how you met, how he or she proposed, where you are in the wedding planning process, etc.
  5. Include a link (DropBox or other digital media sharing site) with at least 5-10 images that will be posted along with your first journal entry.  All professional images MUST be accompanied with the photographer’s consent and contact details.  Please do not e-mail images as attachments.  Again – please do not e-mail images.

We look forward to reading your application!!  Visit {HERE} to view our former Guest Bride Bloggers!