Certified Coordinated Bride Theresa

Journal Entry #2

My Sisterfriends

The day of my surprise engagement party was the happiest day of my life thus far. Once the tears dried, and the confetti settled, my fiancée and I began to plan our big day. We had all these ideas and concepts for our wedding. We really did not know anything about the journey we were embarking on. Finding our venue turned out to be the easiest part of our wedding planning. I don’t think I have ever been asked to make so many decisions ever in my life. Wedding colors, theme, DJ, menu, flowers, Save the Dates, invitations, bridesmaid dresses, favors, THE DRESS..……someone please take the wheel lol.

Nothing prepares you for the intricacy of planning a large wedding. But the one choice that was not hard to make was selecting which ladies were going to be standing by my side as I embarked on this life-long partnership with the love of my life. I call them my “sisterfriends” for a reason. They say your friends are the family you actually get to pick. Nothing validates that statement more than the relationship that I have with my honorable ladies.

Since all of us enjoy a nice cocktail or aperitif here and there, I thought that the best way to convinced them to say YES would be to entice them with a little wine or some bubbly. And they absolutely loved it. I purchased some custom bottle stickers from a vendor on www.Etsy.com and they fit perfectly on the bottles.

If I was to describe the distinguished ladies that make-up my bridal party I would say that they are loyal, loving, extremely supportive, and have the most beautiful souls. My fiancée had their blessing long before I even knew she was proposing. Being a Matron of honor, Maid of honor, and Bridesmaid is more than just wearing a pretty dress and planning a bridal shower. It is a commitment to be there for the couple and become their support system thru their marital journey. I truly feel privileged that these ladies have accepted my invitation to be by our side as we commence this new chapter in my life!

Until next time,