Certified Coordinated Bride Stephanie

Journal Entry #2

Help Me Tie Down The Prince

There’s something special about receiving a piece of unexpected mail. So, I just knew whatever I decided to do for my bridesmaid proposals had to be mailed. My fiancé, Prince, proposed to me in front of the Eiffel Tower so I wanted to at least send something “big” to my girls to compete with my own proposal.

What girls?

If we’re being honest, most girls discuss their bridal party before they even get engaged. Some discuss with their girlfriends before they even think about marriage with their significant other. Blame Pinterest! So, a majority of my girls knew they’d be standing next to me on my big day or days—in my case. Prince and I are also very family-oriented so it was no question that his sisters would be my bridesmaids and my brothers would be his groomsmen as well. For my Maid-of-Honor, lucky for me, I only have one sister. I invited four of my friends to join the party, since Prince and I agreed on 7 people each. (We have a thing for 7’s.) I found this process very easy.

But how do I ask?

Again, some sort of snail mail!

In comes Etsy. I found the most perfect “Will you be my bridesmaid?” cards on Etsy. Remember my fiancé’s name is Prince. Look at these cards! “You helped me through all of the frogs, now please help me tie down the prince.” Perfect! (You’ll notice throughout the planning process some things are just made for you. This was one of them.) Ordered.

Frog NoteInside of Frog Note

Next, I wanted something personalized for my girls to keep forever—mugs for some, glasses for others and a flask for my maid of honor. At this time, my wedding colors were already half-way chosen: lilac and green. (Green has since fallen off. But it’s okay, things will change several times throughout a 15-month engagement.) I ordered all of the glasses in lilac and grey. I found heart-shaped boxes from Hobby Lobby to spray paint. To complete the package, I added photos to the lids and set the glasses, the invitation card and a fake flower bouquet in them nicely ready to be shipped. I made sure I got these out by the one-year mark to allow everyone an opportunity to catch their breath and gear up for the ride ahead.

With that checked off the list, I cannot wait to have these girls stand by my side in July as I say “I Do” to the guy of my dreams!



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