Certified Coordinated Bride Sommar

Journal Entry #2

“Ain’t Nobody Fresher Than My Clicque…”

Oh the role of being a bridesmaid.  I have starred in this role MANY times myself.  Seriously, count how many times by watching the video at the end of my first guest blogger post,  He Has that Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi.   I am very blessed to have many important people in my life.  So much so it made it difficult for me to narrow down and choose who would be in my bridal party.  A good problem for a girl to have, right!?  Choosing my maid-of-honor was a no brainer.  However, picking a supporting cast took a little more thought.  Think about it. This is the next important decision a bride makes after saying, “YES, I will!” to the man of her dreams.

A bride wants to surround herself with a group of women that will DO the following:

  1. LoVe Her: show/give love to her & her hubby to be.
  2. Protect Her: ward off any drama & negativity.
  3. Be Real/REEL with Her: be a listening ear and offer real advice. Let her have ridiculous, bridezilla-esq moments but reel her in when necessary.
  4. Ride or Die for Her: bring her smiles on dreary days, make her feel special and show EXCITEMENT & SUPPORT during this amazing time of celebrations!

I am happy to say the women I chose to take part in one of the most amazing moments of my life exhibits at least one, if not, all four of the above requirements!


Once I chose my S. A. B. M. Clique {SaSSy A$$ BridesMaids}, I knew I wanted to have a cocktail party in their honor.  Bringing the group together from Day 1 was a great opportunity for them to meet each other and put a face with the name.  I wanted to start out this process by making them feel special from the beginning.  There will be so many moments during the planning process that’s all about the bride, Moi, so I wanted them to know that they matter in this process as well.  Unfortunately, all of the girls could not make it to the party but I still had a great turn out.  I had food, created a signature sangria & bought cupcakes for desert.  Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with cupcakes!

I set the tone of the party with some FAB, personalized invitations. Who doesn’t love receiving personalized mail!?!  I kept the details a bit mysterious and the invitations gave the girls a hint as to what the wedding colors would be.  I made the R.S.V.P. responses light, fun & interactive as well.Sommar for TCBrideBlog IMG_2180

If you haven’t noticed metallics are not only my wedding colors but also some of my favorite colors. I included them in the décor and in some of their gifts including sequins hangers with a sign that I created saying, “Your dress here!” The girls loved them! I cannot wait to see how the hangers look with their gowns hanging on them the day of the wedding.

Sommar for TCBrideBlog IMG_2209

I created a few interactive things for the girls to do as well. I created a game called, “Guest Which Bridesmaid.” They had to work together to answer the questions. I also made them check off & sign a bridesmaid contract.  The fine print is the most important line of it. Hint to my brides out there; give them this AFTER they have had a few adult beverages.

Sommar for TCBrideBlog IMG_2216

Truly, I can go on and on about the details of that night.  It all went by so fast and we had a good time. The food was delicious, the drinks were amazing and my D.I.Y. selfie wall was a hit. After all of the ladies said YASSS we had to end the night with a toast of the bubbly! I will say I have one regret.  I wish I had taken more pictures, especially with my girls. However, I do have great memories!

Sommar for TCBrideBlog IMG_9303Sommar for TCBrideBlog IMG_9252Sommar for TCBrideBlog IMG_9280

To the newly engaged, I hope this post inspires you to create special moments with your Clique. Cheers!

Until next time… Au revoir,

Note to My S.A.B.M…

Thank you for doing life with me.

“They say nothing lasts forever …dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.” – Carrie – Sex in the City