Certified Coordinated Bride Krystal

Journal Entry #2

Pop, Fizz, Clink: Bridesmaid Proposal

After getting engaged I was on cloud nine for some time and I did not do my bridesmaid proposal right away. I wanted to make sure the proposal was just as special as the proposal Carl had planned for me. It was important to me that my bridesmaids knew that Carl and I truly valued them being in our wedding.

My proposal started out with me looking through Etsy and the zillion items that are available.  I quickly fell in love with these beautiful white boxes with gold ribbons and that’s when it all started to take shape. I then decided that it would be great to get all of my bridesmaids together to set the tone for the rest of the wedding, because being a bridesmaid can be a lot of work.  I hosted my bridesmaids at my home for a gathering were I served a late lunch and presented them with their gifts.

Their proposal boxes consisted of a “Bridesmaid” champagne glass, personalized mini bottle of champagne, confetti poppers, a hand written card, and custom cookies. I had a blast preparing their boxes as I knew how special each and every lady was to me.

Meet the Bridesmaids

Melody: The Little sister turned Maid of Honor   || Jasmine: The Older sister  || Michele: The friend since 2nd grade and god sister  ||  Chantel: The friend since 5th grade, Carl’s cousin, mother of my godson   || Jaclyn: The college friend turned confidant || Ericka: The College Posse Scholar member

We had such great time together that afternoon chatting, playing games and drinking my signature sangria. I had to mail my sister Jasmine her proposal box as she resides in Florida and has given up on Chicago winters lol.

Each of these ladies hold a special place in my heart and I am excited to have them on this Road to Ross.

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Until next time! XO, Krystal

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