Certified Coordinated Bride Kristin

Journal Entry #2

“He popped the question! Now it’s my turn…”

Every wedding blog that I’ve seen has at least one article advising newly engaged couples on how to navigate the time immediately following their proposal. I read them all; however, we were still not prepared for the mass of questions we received from our overjoyed loved ones and even the occasional wedding-crazed passerby. We had discussed many questions before so answering became a breeze, but one question in particular took some extra thought. Who would we choose to be in the wedding party? Who would I choose to be my bridesmaids?

As tradition would have it, these ladies are key in the wedding process. They would share in the festivities preceding the wedding and would stand to witness my union to my love. For me, it was the latter that had the greatest influence in my deciding on my 10 bridesmaids. Our wedding day is the beginning of a covenant that we hold sacred, our marriage. Therefore, it was imperative to me that we surrounded ourselves with people who believed in the sanctity of our impending union.  Each of these ladies were more than individuals needed to dawn a pretty dress or host an amazing bachelorette weekend. My bridesmaids are more like my sisters and represent a specific time in my life. Some I have known for many years; others I have known for less. However, I have found each to be a true friend and truly supportive of me. These ladies are my college roommates, my best friend since middle school, my partner in a dynamic couples duo, my very first friend at Carolina, my confidant from the other blue, the matchmaker herself, and my new little sisters. Many have witnessed my relationship with Mycal grow from a series of strange encounters between friends to the enamoring companionship we share today. More than that, they have seen me grow and I wanted my bridesmaid proposal to reflect how much I cherished that.

Thus, I mailed each lady a proposal packet including a ring attached to a “He popped the question! Now it’s my turn…” tag that I created. A hand written card addressed to each lady promised to avoid any bridesmaids dresses with bows and frills and simply concluded, “plus, I’ve been told that I will need someone to help me use the restroom, so… Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

As soon as ladies received their proposal packets, I received phone calls and text messages featuring a variety of excited screams. In those moments, I was reaffirmed that I had chosen the right women to stand with me. If I could advise you on what to consider when choosing your wedding party, I would say pick individuals that add to you and your journey. You’ll have more peace of mind about having your best friends with you throughout the process than those that just look great in a dress. I cherish the friendships that I have made and how they have been strengthened through this process. I cannot wait to share in #shesabrickhouse2015 with these wonderful ladies! My bridesmaids have been incredible, and I wanted to appreciate them above the proposal packet. Therefore I hosted a Bridesmaid Brunch in their honor during my Bridal Weekend, which I will cover in my next post!


66 Days and Counting!