Lets skip the poofy skirts and itchy lace sleeves and make your bridesmaids slay just like you! Ladies, your bridesmaids are a reflection of you!

There’s an urban legend that states if the the bride hates her bridesmaids she’ll dress them in horrid dresses just so they wont upstage her, but c’mon girls!  Would you want to say “I Do” standing next a drab squad?  Or would you love to know you and your girls KILLED the game!  So skip the traditional and try something unique, something that’ll have someone stop scrolling and say WOW, THEY DID THAT!

Here are five non-traditional bridesmaid dresses that will have everyone talking!

1.  Formal Yet Sultry

Image Featured on Instagram Via @fatumahasha

This unique evening gown is custom made, with a detailed bodice and form fitting skirt. It’s the best choice if you’d like something sultry yet tasteful, add a little slit for some flare! This is perfect for the bride who’d like to stick to tradition but also add a twist.

2. Modern Flare

Image Featured on Instagram via @fabseasonevents

Never in a million years would I think bridesmaids in pants would be acceptable, but SURPRISE, with time, things change. This multi-wear jumpsuit is perfect for bridesmaids on the go. Running to catch the bouquet would be so effortless! This is great for the modern bride who doesn’t care about what people might say.

3. All Pretty Maids in a Row

Image Featured on Instagram Via @melissasassinemakeup

Believe it or not, the bride isn’t the only one wearing white now-a-days, the bridesmaids are too! Although its not a trend that all take part of, we love seeing how well some of these bridal parties coordinate! This is great for a bride that wants to keep her girls in FORMATION!

4. Sweet and Sassy

Image Featured on Instagram Via @dollhousebridesmaids

Those long evening gowns can be a hassle for a summer wedding, and tea cup dresses aren’t always flattering for everyone but these mini mermaid gowns are great for those who would like to to keep her bridesmaids elegant, yet comfortable. Channeling major Audrey Hepburn vibes with this!

5. Extravagant and Out of the Ordinary!

Image Featured on Instagram via @waltercollection

Lilly Ghalichi had her bridesmaids decked out for her big day with these unique and extravagant dresses! Something like this will for sure have your guests talking.

If you like some of these looks, you can definitely pull it off, just think outside the box! Research online and social media for inspiration. It’s always fun seeing brides step out of the “norm” when it comes to bridal party attire. Take the risk, the end result is always worth it!


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