My Bachelorette Fiesta

I don’t know about you, but when I think of a fiesta I think of Cancun, Mexico! My wedding theme is very elegant-romantic, so my bachelorette party was the perfect chance to pick a fun theme and run with it (everything from authentic maracas to tequila themed bathing suits).

Let me start by saying that it’s important to keep in mind that when planning a wedding, things can get costly for your bridal party. These girls shower you with gifts, throw your bridal shower, let loose on a bachelorette getaway, the list goes on. I definitely wanted something over the top and fun, but I wanted to keep my girls bank accounts in mind as well. All-inclusive destination bachelorette party in Mexico? Perfect. Bring on the endless margaritas, tequila shots, and tacos.

I spent weeks coordinating with my girls to design the perfect beach totes, clothing and accessories. Needless to say, us drawing attention would be an understatement. Cancun is party central, and we learned quickly that everyone loves a fun bridal party. The 4-day trip is a little blurry, but thank goodness we managed to capture hundreds of photos and videos of the beach bars, nightlife, clubs, beautiful scenery, and our fiesta-themed coordination.

It’s a trip that we will talk about forever and it was filled with stress-free wedding memories, tears from obnoxious laughter, and a few hangovers that authentic Mexican food cured right away. Take a look at the pictures to see how much fun we had for yourselves!


My Bridal Shower

Okay ladies, so I am the WORST with surprises! BUT, when planning a wedding you sometimes simply can’t put more on your plate than you can handle. I surprised myself here, and let my maid of honor and bridal party execute my entire shower A-Z without having ANY input. It wasn’t easy, but in the end it was worth it. I would suggest going with an old-school surprise shower for any brides looking to create a little extra space on their personal to-do list.

I can’t say much about the planning and event prep that went into it because I again wasn’t a part of it, so while my bridal party ladies were busy-bees I got to focus on wedding planning the entire time. My fiancé was even in on the surprise, and he drove me that day to what I thought was a “baby shower.” So how did I look the part of my bridal shower you might be wondering? Thankfully, because they told me I was attending a baby shower for a family member (who was really pregnant, of course) I had hair and makeup (full-glam) regardless. And, a few months beforehand (knowing that my shower would be a surprise), I gave my dress, heels, and jewelry to my maid of honor for her to bring with her the day-of. I walked into “SURPRISE” screams and cheers, put myself together in the bathroom and enjoyed the party!

My bridal shower was at a fantastic Italian restaurant, which is perfect considering my family, friends, and fiance’s family all LOVE to eat. From the invitations and cute Snapchat filters down to the floral center pieces and games that we played, it was a perfect day. Oh, and I can’t forget about the fabulous champagne cupcakes that my maid of honor’s family helped with! I was spoiled with so much love and so many presents, it definitely set the tone for how exciting getting married and starting a new chapter of life can be with great family and friends.


Everything’s been coming together so well, and I simply cant wait for the big day to come!

Until next time ladies!