My honorable ladies will tell you the toughest part for me during this journey has been to sit back and let others plan certain activities for me. Although I tried my hardest to infiltrate the planning committee, my bridal party kicked me out of the chat room and took the reins. All I was told was the date, time, and location.

I arrived at my bridal shower and was welcomed by my beautiful honorable ladies (bridesmaids and Maid of honor). I was escorted to the patio to discover it transformed into a lovely tea party themed bridal shower. The wall was adorned with a wall flower with my name on it and the tables had the cutest little tea kettle gift boxes.  This day was so perfect. I was showered with so much love and overwhelmed with so many emotions. We ate hors d’oeuvres, drank bottomless mimosas, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.

The two biggest surprises of the day were my fiancée surprising me with an appearance and a video montage that the girls put together of shorts clips from friends and family members who were not able to attend the bridal shower. That was when I could no longer hold it and tears of joy came flowing down my face. There is no better feelings than being surrounded by love!

Now that the day is finally here alll of those long conference calls and meetings of planning are behind us as we are getting ready to embark on the biggest journey of our lives. I feel a mixture of excitement and anxiousness. On one hand I am excited about marrying the love of my life and having our union witnessed by the people we love the most. And on the other I am nervous about making sure everything goes according to plan and our day is perfect.

Planning a wedding is no easy task. No matter how small or big your wedding is your life will be full of “To Do Lists” for a few months. We are just days away from our wedding and Zekeera and I are still running around getting last minute items and having final conference calls with vendors. I was not prepared for all of this. The week of the wedding is turning out to be so hectic. But one thing that I have accepted is that things might not go 100% as planned, mistakes will be made, you will forget to pick up an item or two, you might have some last minute cancellations, and you will have a couple of “ I am freaking out” moments. I am realizing that in the end those little things won’t really matter and might even go unnoticed.

It is so important to have a great team. Our bridal party has been AMAZING in assisting us when it came to making some of the cosmetic decisions, picking up items from the store and even volunteering to do airport runs. We also have some pretty amazing vendors who went above and beyond to ensure that our special day looks and feels exactly the way we wanted.

I am really looking forward to having all of my closest friends and family members there with us on our special day. I think it will be so much fun to see the mixing of our two cultures. The hardest part for me will be dealing with the absence of my parents who have transitioned to the spirit world. But I know that they will be watching us from above and sending their love our way.

Advice to future Coordinated Brides

If I had to give advice to a future bride it would be to make sure that you plan the wedding that you want. Many times while planning your wedding you end up being pressured to make certain choices based on what other people might like and/or want. Family members, friends, partners, wedding planners, and even some vendors have the tendency to try to push you in a certain direction that is more aligned with their vision. At the end of the day it is YOUR special day and things should be perfectly crafted to fit your vision not someone else’s. Get familiar with saying “NO” as if it were a complete sentence. I will also advise future brides to enjoy your journey and include your partner. You only get married once so you might as well enjoy every moment of this once in a lifetime moment!

Until Next Time,

XOXO Theresa