Certified Coordinated Bride Kim

Journal Entry #3

The Bridal Shower

Being the bride you think you have full control of everything, but not your bridal shower! My mom and my sister-in-law did everything without me lifting a finger.  My mom remembered how I loved to have tea parties when I was a little girl so they surprised me with a tea party themed shower.  The bridal shower was held at the Viana Hotel & Spa is Westbury, Long Island. While I was in the hotel getting hair and makeup done, I was so nervous. I was happy to see all my female friends and family members there.  When I walked in everyone started to laugh because I was so shocked to see everyone. Everything looked so amazing.

My mom and sister-in-law did an amazing job with the set up. There were tea cups in the center of each table as a center piece along with tea cup confetti. It looked so pretty! Everyone wore summer dresses and sun hats. We played a few games and the last game was a fun one that included my fiancée. We sat back to back and we both had each other’s shoes in hand to answer questions about the wedding and everything else such as: who will cry on the big day?  Who takes longer to get ready? Who met the in-laws first? It was a really fun game. We also had a selfie frame; I was so excited about that. There was also other cute things to do for the bride and groom.

My girls and I will be going out soon, even though it’s close to the wedding. So stay tuned!!

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