My bridal shower was an absolute dream, which I know every bride says after the fact, but mine truly was amazing. It was not a surprise for me, because I am so completely type A and was a detective in a past life, so my mom and bridal party knew not to even attempt to keep me in the dark. I definitely had my hand in the planning cookie jar a bit, which I know is very unconventional, but it kept me happy and less like a Bridezilla. I clearly have to name my first-born Kate Spade since about 75% of my registry included KS pieces, so it was only fitting that we did a spin on a Kate Spade themed shower.

Since I knew about the shower, I was so excited the entire week leading up to it. I knew family and friends were starting to come into town, especially my best friend and MOH from Syracuse. The morning of the shower had arrived and I was able to get ready in the bridal suite at Split Rock Golf Course, which was perfect! However, I had to try not to micromanage the setting up and decorating the entire morning, which was hard! My MOH just kept handing me another mimosa whenever I seemed to go off the rails a bit. Like I said earlier, my shower was a dream and a blur! It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you’re mingling, playing some Bra Pong (yes – I said bra pong) and opening up tons of gifts. Thank God for bridesmaids who love to takes photos and luckily helped me document the entire day. And just like that, one major wedding event was over and I felt like the countdown to my …… bachelorette had really begun! Did you think I was going to say countdown to the wedding there? 😉

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to go to Vegas for my bachelorette party, and that did not change once the planning begun. I mean, who doesn’t love Vegas?! I certainly left my soul there on this trip, but that’s ok! The bags were packed and every white outfit I could find in the mall was thrown in last minute. We stayed in the beautiful Hilton Elara Resort in a four-bedroom penthouse suite that was truly bigger than any apartment I will ever live in! As a gift for my girls for doing so much and putting together the most amazing bachelorette for me, I gave them the most comfortable plush robes and Vegas Survival kits. And let me tell you, both came in handy the entire weekend. I can’t divulge every detail of the trip, because you know the saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas 😉 But, I will say this … we had the most amazing weekend. These girls truly outdid themselves with every detail down to my personalized Snapchat filters (because my MOH knows I truly appreciate a good personalized geofilter). This was the first wedding activity I didn’t have one say in and it actually felt good to let others plan something for me, which n e v e r happens. I definitely felt the love throughout the weekend and it was making me that more excited to kick off our final wedding month countdown!!

Coordinated Bride Signing Out