Certified Coordinated Bride Harmony

Journal Entry #3

Flower Power Easter Shower

My bridesmaids created the most wonderful shower for me on the eve of Easter Sunday. The theme of the shower was spring-time flower power. I jokingly called it my flower power Easter shower! We had a flower crown making station where guests designed their own crowns with a variety of stems and flowers. Next we did Easter egg decorating and I judged the best egg decorations among all the eggs. My favorite activity was definitely the adult Easter egg hunt where guests were able to hunt for eggs filled with beauty products and other treats, one of my friends even fell into the pool chasing after an egg! Lastly we sat in the living room and I read all of the marriage advice that was given to me by my shower guests and dubbed them my marriage life coaches.

My bridal shower was a great day of friends and family. A few family members travelled from neighboring Texas and even as far away as Georgia. I felt so loved and pampered at my shower; I wish I could relive the day over and over. There is no way that I can thank my family, friends, support system, bridesmaids, and future family enough!

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