Certified Coordinated Bride Demonica

Journal Entry #3 Demonica’s

Bridal Shower

Almost every day I am asked how’s wedding planning? Am I getting nervous? How excited am I? My response: it’s cool. No nerves. Excited, sure. While planning my wedding I am maintaining two jobs, a graduate student working on two masters degrees, and interning. Crazy I know. So when I think about my planning process I literally feel I don’t have too many feelings towards it. I feel I am much more focused on my academics, work, and clients. But when I woke up on Nov 5, I had all the feelings. I felt nauseous, butterflies, excitement, anxiety, happy. All the feelings I haven’t had time to feel bomb rushed me.

Now I like to think I am a laid back person. Just one who is very particular. Some time ago I sent my bridesmaids planning team a bridal shower wish list. As I walked into the venue, that’s exactly what I saw. My girls did an amazing job on making my dreams a reality. They executed my modern vintage themed shower with so much class and perfection. I expected nothing less. They went exceedingly beyond my expectations focusing on the smallest details and making sure there was a smile on my face from beginning to end. I wasn’t completely out of the loop in the process but honestly they took my wish list and Pinterest page and took off.

Forty of my closest family and friends chose to celebrate and shower me with love on my upcoming nuptials. Everyone came from all over, some flying in, others driving in. All for me. I don’t do spotlight well. I’m a behind the scenes kind of girl. My friend even told me over that weekend that I don’t take compliments well and I should learn to celebrate me. So being the center of attention was weird but I smiled in every picture and enjoyed myself to the fullest. One thing for sure is that I am immensely blessed.

The shower took place at a beautiful location called Space 1858. Intimate, simple, and perfect for the day. Shower activities included games like name that groom, a game of DEMONICA (formerly known as BINGO), and we had a very interesting wedding dress designer showcase. The food was amazing. A local black owned caterer, chef Kristin of Cleo’s Southern Cuisine, brought in southern delicatessens. There was a mimosa bar. Sweet pastries and more! The gifts ranged from good ole “clean fun” to down right raunchy! There was even a surprise (virtual) appearance from my groom to be sharing his excitement for our future. (Of course he got all the oohs and aahs).

Everything about that day was perfect. I even shed a few tears, which I don’t do often. But being in that atmosphere with so much love and support really made a thug break down lol jk. One of my bridesmaids even lied to me and told me she couldn’t make it and she was the first person I saw when I walked in. LIAR!

After those festivities ended we had an impromptu girls night out where we enjoyed tacos and mucho tequila. Actually after that the night is a bit hazy and I’m sure Jesus took the wheel. Needless to say it was an amazing day from start to finish. I will cherish the memories from this day for a lifetime. I’m glad I have pictures but it’s the memories that were created on this day that truly brings the pictures to life. I am so

Thankful to my bridesmaids and family for giving their time and money to celebrate little ole me. It commenced our wedding activities and I can’t wait for more fun to continue.

33 more days until we say I do and now I am feeling all the feelings!

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