Certified Coordinated Bride Bindi

Journal Entry #3

Tan Lines and Mimosas

In the time of baecations, staycations, flying from coast to coast with your friends, I have never been one of those lucky individuals because I’ve always had a curfew and pretty strict parents (my parents are West Indian and they truly don’t believe in those things – UNLESS it involves them). Fast forward twenty-four years later and I was finally able to live the life that all of my other friends have already experienced; my first vacation without my folks and with my friends! It was all the more memorable because not only was it for my bachelorette, but it was also my 25th birthday weekend- 2 Milestones, One Weekend!

My girls and I, along with my fiancé and his best man set out for Miami during Miami Music Week for a weekend full of fun! We flew out on St. Patrick ’s Day and my bridesmaid Amanda surprised us all with matching festive attire so we could day drink in style.  We hit the strip, went bar hopping and eventually parted ways with the boys to have our girl time. My Maid Of Honor Stephanie did such an amazing job when it came to picking a place to stay, planning our daily adventures and pulling off a surprise pre- birthday party. We stayed in a beautiful duplex right off the beach that was perfect for all my morning selfies and Snapchats LOL.  Majority of the trip was nothing but fun in the sun, a beach party at Nikki Beach, a pool party at The Delano, a night out at E11EVEN for my birthday celebration – which the boys attended also, and a few other places that can’t be named (but it sureeeeeeeeeee was fun)!  The trip was everything I could have imagined and more, so many laughs, countless memories made and the best time with my BEST friends. I won’t delve any deeper into the details of our visit, because like the hashtag said #WhatHappensInMiamiDontTellRamsawmy!

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Bridal Shower

When it came time for my bridal shower I was adamant on being surprised, I wanted no parts in details or decision making, but I finally caved when it came to knowing what day it would happen. Besides, a girls gotta look her best right? My shower was on April 16th, and let me tell you, my girls brought my Pinterest dreams to LIFEEEEE. I was blown away by all the little details, all the thought that obviously went into it and more than anything all the hard work that was clearly put into pulling this off. I was speechless and while I was greeting everyone when I entered I literally had to think of ways to NOT cry. With every person I hugged and kissed a girl just wanted to bawl her eyes out with happy tears, but I held it together until I took one more look at all the decor and just couldn’t anymore. I never cry out of happiness, I didn’t even cry when I said “Yes to the Dress”, but I really couldn’t resist the urge this time, I was TOO happy. There was a mimosa bar, a beautiful dessert table with glitter cake pops, cupcakes and the cutest little cake with flowers and pearls all over. There were custom plates and cups, a custom countdown to the wedding, pictures all over from our engagement, beautiful flower arrangements that my mom chose, a photo booth, and a beautiful flower wall that my fiancé made all by himself because he knows I’m OBSESSED with them. Thinking back about it just makes me smile from ear to ear. My mom kept telling me every day don’t worry, it will be beautiful, you will love it, and to be honest it was all of that AND MORE. We spent the day drinking mimosas, playing games and showing off my new lingerie, which of course made me blush ( I had to tell my mom to close her eyes!)  but I literally could not put into words how happy I was. All the late night work that it took to get some details done is truly appreciated. It feels great to be surrounded by so much love.

Now that the pre-wedding festivities are over, the main event is fast approaching and I honestly can’t wait to just be MARRIED! The engaged life has been fun but I’m ready to start our new chapter as soon as possible, just about 30 more days to go!!

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XOXO, Bindi

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