Certified Coordinated Bride Ashley

Journal Entry #5

From Ashley’s Shower to Yours

When I was a little girl I never dreamed of what my wedding would be. I was into sports and building business with my cousin Jessie for ice cream money.  But as I grew older I began to recognize the true meaning behind a wedding. Along with the wedding the event I was looking forward to the most was the bridal shower.  Since I don’t like to party, a bachelorette party was not at the top of my wish list.  A bridal shower was! It actually was #1.

I am a typical “type A” personality and very structured.  So in total Ashley fashion, not being able to participate in the planning was so difficult.  And to top it off, I hate surprises!  Throughout the entire planning process I was on edge and hoping to be given a hint.  Just one little hint would’ve satisfied me. Yet my bridesmaids were serious about making as many surprises happen that day for me.  I was thoroughly surprised and pleased at the outcome. They did allow me to help out with the favors, which were bath salts, homemade bath scrubs, and body wash with the theme of “From Ashley’s Shower to Yours”. I also was included in spray painting the vases for centerpieces. Even though I was banned from spray painting ever in life because they had to be redone. I was happy to help!


My Mother cooked all of the great breakfast items and they even had a Mimosa bar! So cute that they included non-alcoholic champagne for the non-drinkers like myself. My cousin and Matron of Honor prepared all of the sweets and the cake! We didn’t know she had a hidden talent but were so glad she shared her hidden talent on my big day.


Each guest was asked to bring a pair of panties for a raffle and the bridesmaids created a panty line. They each read a line from a cute poem and I had to choose a pair of panties to go with the poem. My Aunt created a pair of panties with my Father’s face which made the guests and I burst out into laughter.

IMG_2772  IMG_2830IMG_2792

I created a “Meet the Dauphin Divas” table for the shower guests to get to know my bridesmaids. It included a short bio of each diva, a selfie stick for them to capture the perfect selfie, a “Real Bridesmaids of Ashley’s Wedding” tshirt, a personalized cup, and a bottle of champagne to unwind after planning my fabulous shower! This was a small way to show my appreciation for them hosting my shower.


The best part of the shower, sorry I maybe a little bias was the bridesmaids recorded Bert answering questions to test my knowledge of him. I answered every question correct but one! The last question was “How did you know Ashley was the one?” and he came walking into the room. He truly surprised me and I couldn’t help but to cry. He expressed his love for me in front of a room filled of women (that’s a big deal for Bert, he is very quiet!).  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room, especially not mine!

BS68 BS73 BS76

My bridal shower was perfect and I wouldn’t change anything about it. It couldn’t be better even if I planned it myself. I can’t thank my Bridesmaids and family enough for making this day beautiful! It was everything!


Thank you for taking this journey with me!

~ Ash, Mrs. Dauphin-to-Be @beautynthebeard15

Photos by JORO Photography

Makeup : @TouchedbyG

Hair : @thiatheunprecidentedstylist