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Hello Beautiful Brides,

As my wedding day is approaching, I want to take a look back at my beautiful bridal shower day and also share some last minute details and tips with you.  My bridal shower was early November; fall is my favorite season, therefore, I chose the theme “Fall in Love“. 

As I have shared before, I am a big planner and planning events is my passion. I planned every detail of my bridal shower, and only left my bridesmaids in charge of planning the games. I focused on details, I had quite a bit of pumpkins decorating the place, but I ensured the decor would still look “Fallish” and not Halloween like. My bridesmaids made gorgeous centerpieces using real pumpkins and I also used mini white pumpkins to decorate all the tables. 

I have always wanted a rustic and beautiful dessert table, so I had the idea of using a wood swing with greeneries. All the desserts on the table were edible, including the frames with our names, most of my desserts were traditional Brazilian desserts. My dessert table was one of the highlights of my day. 

Lastly, I asked my guests not to wrap their gifts and to only use a bow or ribbon. As I removeed the bows, my bridesmaids put together a bow-k, so I can use it at my rehearsal dinner. 

 Last minutes details

When people ask me ” what is the most stressful thing about planning a wedding?” I could list a couple things, but the worst for me was the RSVP! Can someone tell me why it is so difficult for people to send back the pre-paid stamped RSVP cards? I honestly do not understand. I heard all sort of excuses and arguments that stressed me and made me feel frustrated. My best advice is creating an Excel sheet and writing your list in alphabetical order and number ALL your RSVP, just a small number on the back. You might ask why? Well, some people ( a lot actually) either have no respect or are very clueless and will send back their RSVP with no name or an answer, therefore, if you number your cards, you can refer back to your list and you can see who had the audacity Lol. 

Another tip I would highly encourage, is creating a timeline for the day of and ask your bridesmaids, event planner, or anyone you trust, to be responsible for certain things, so you are not overwhelmed. And a MUST is making a timeline for pictures as well, that should be the job of your photographer, so if he/she does not provide you with one, make sure you ask. That will save you time, you don’t want to waste all your precious time just taking pictures, and it will keep you and your bridal party up to date, so they know what is going on, so no one is waiting for that bridesmaid who disappeared to retouch her make up or that groomsman who is at the bar, in order to take more pictures. 

Also, clean your ring! I guess that is obvious right? Last but not least, I guess we can all agree that wedding planning is somehow stressful (even for me who has worked with event planning in the past), ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS, keep your fiance as your priority. Most guys don’t care for decor or details too much (not mine and that’s not always good lol) but the fact that they don’t care as much, does not mean they don’t care at all. Keep each other first! When you both are making important decisions, or creating that annoying seating chart, or whatever the case is, if you guys start to feel stressed and overwhelmed, TAKE A BREAK, DRINK WINE, MAKE OUT, then get back to your plannings 🙂 your relationship should always be more important. I always tell my fiance, I WANT A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING BUT I WANT A EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL MARRIAGE. The wedding will be 5 hours, your marriage, hopefully will be for a lifetime. 

Happy Planning ladies,

Vendor Collaboration
Cake: Erika Junkeira
Favors: Something With Love
Desserts: Mundo Doce Atelie 
Swing: Lavish Flowers and Events