Certified Coordinated Bride Aisha

Journal Entry #3

“My Boho Bridal Shower & Vegas Bachelorette”

My bridal shower theme was a romantic, boho vibe. So we held it at Bodega Wine Bar in Pasadena. It was a little non-traditional in that it was at night. But it fit the vibe perfectly.  When my maid of honor Samantha approached me about what I wanted I told her a cute backdrop, floral centerpieces and a candy bar. So her and all of my closest friends and family came together to make those things happen!

Because the vibe was boho, we wanted a foliage wall as a photo booth backdrop with white flowers. Instead of paying an arm and a leg to rent them for one night, we had one made for us! I also got a metal, laser cut, nameplate made from @vintagesigndesign with our hashtag #MarshallsMatrimony to put on the backdrop.TCB-GBBAisha-JE3-005TCB-GBBAisha-JE3-002Processed with VSCO with e1 presetTCB-GBBAisha-JE3-003


The decorations set the vibe. We had florals, good food and a candy bar that was a huge hit! Everyone contributed. One of my bridesmaids went to the Flower District in Downtown Los Angeles that morning to get flowers for the tables. We had beautiful green garlands with flowers as center pieces.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetTCB-GBBAisha-JE3-004TCB-GBBAisha-JE3-006

Also, Bodega provided the food and wine, which was YUMMY! I’m just going to have to show you pictures of this beautiful master piece of a candy bar, because words do it no justice.


My maid of honor, Samantha had custom cookies and a cake with fresh flowers made. The cookies were little calendars, wedding dresses and a wedding ring. All so beautiful, I didn’t want to eat them.


Lastly, my God-Mother made husband and wife candy apples. These turned out to be the perfect party favors!

TCB-GBBAisha-JE3-011 TCB-GBBAisha-JE3-012

It was also important to me that we have Snapchat filters. I found an Etsy account that did custom filters at a reasonable price called Label Creative . I’m not ashamed to say, it’s not a party without a filter. And two, the filters needed to match the romantic, boho theme. So I made sure to have them incorporate white flowers and greenery! Here’s how they came out!

TCB-GBBAisha-JE3-014 TCB-GBBAisha-JE3-015

And last, but definitely not least, the fun part, we played lots of games. But there was one game my maid of honor told me I couldn’t be part of. She said it was a surprise, and it would be the last game of the night. So we’re heading towards the end of the night, and my MOH starts to make an announcement: “Okay everyone, we have one last game, and Aisha doesn’t know what it is.” And BOOM in walks Cameron. I was instantly in tears. Mostly because we’ve been doing long distance and second, because he had a bouquet of flowers in his hand. It was so beautiful.


So to end the night we played the “How Well Do You Know Your Significant Other Game.”

It was an amazing evening that I will forever cherish in my hearts, thank you everyone who made it possible!


Bachelorette Party

I have two things I’d like to get out of the way. First I will start by saying, in a day and age where if you didn’t take a picture of it, it didn’t happen, I’m sad to say I hardly have any pictures (appropriate ones anyway). Or maybe that’s a good thing? Which brings me to my second point. My bachelorette party was in Vegas, and I’d be breaking girl code if I divulge too much.

But there is one important rule of bacheloretting I want to be sure to relay, and that’s coordination. I wanted to be original, because too often you see the “bride tribe” or “squad” attire. I found another great Etsy account Dande By Erykavee to make bridal party jackets for my bridal party and I. Mine was faux leather, and my girls had jean. Instead of Bride and Bride Tribe, I had them say Wifey and Wifey Type. At end of the day those labels are kinda true. If you’re not married or engaged, per your W2 and for all intents and purposes, you’re “Wifey Type.” Anyway, they were a huge hit and came out incredible.

TCB-GBBAisha-JE3-022TCB-GBBAisha-JE3-021Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

And again, it wouldn’t be an event without a snapchat filter. So I had Label Creative make me filters for my bachelorette party as well! I told them I wanted them to incorporate a relevant meme, and be Las Vegas related. They did a fantastic job and were a huge hit!


Like they say, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” so that’s all I have for now! With the days winding down we are getting closer and closer to the big day and I just cant wait.

Coordinated Bride Logging Out!

XOXO Aisha

Bridal Shower professional images by Stephanie Portugal of Love And Exploration.