Certified Coordinated Bride Chandra

Journal Entry #3

A Peacock Themed Bridal Shower

I woke up that day with butterflies. I couldn’t believe it was my Bridal Shower already! I knew the day, but didn’t have the details to it. I left the house in the morning and returned around 4:00pm, and couldn’t believe how my parent’s backyard was transformed into a Peacock Themed Bridal Shower. My bridal party did an amazing job planning my shower. My sister who is my Matron of Honor spared no detail. She went above and beyond to execute the perfect Bridal Shower for her little sis !

My Bridal Shower planning began early this year. My matron of honor, Preya, originally asked me if I had any specific theme I wanted and the only theme that came to mind was “Peacock Themed”. I love everything about Peacock Themed Showers. Pinterest had me day dreaming and I wanted everything. So being the superwoman that she is, my sister made my dreams come true! She is obsessed with details so no stones was left unturned.

All of my bridesmaids pitched in and helped, but my sister made sure that this process was as stress-free as possible for me. She kept me out of the loop so that it would be a surprise on the day of the shower and she kept true to her promise. I was not stressed nor did I have any clue of all of the cute ideas she was putting together. I loved the attention to detail that was put into my bridal shower. For the bridal shower favors, we gave glamorous henna candles with jewel tone gemstones that had a peacock feather on one side and the other side said “Chandra’s Bridal Shower” with the date and we also did Teal and Purple Candle Holders with Teal and Purple Ribbon. Each guest also received personalized wine glasses with their names on it. I thought this was super cute and adorable. Everyone loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it.

Two of the biggest highlights of my shower was the customized candy cart that my dad built for me. My sister wanted an actual candy cart and couldn’t find one that she liked, so she had my dad build one. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw it. It surely gave the whole candy buffet a complete look. It added that extra touch to the candy buffet. My second highlight of my shower was my 1,400 silk rose flower wall, which my dad also made for me. That was another shocker at how beautiful it looked.

Tacky bridal shower games were kept to a minimum, thank goodness! However, one of the cutest games was bridal shower bingo where guests had to guess what gifts they thought Anthony and I would receive later at the shower and as I opened the gifts they would mark off the boxes they guessed correctly. If you guessed correctly enough, you ended up with a complete line and BINGO! This game was less “oohhh and ahhh” and was way more fun and engaging.

The day was filled with love, laughter, games, food, family, friends and that is what matters to me the most.

My bachelorette party will have to be in Guyana when I have all my girls together. It will mostly be a nice dinner out with my ladies before my Christian ceremony/reception. Whatever we decide to do….I know it will be memories to last a lifetime!



P.S. To my sister in law Andrea, I am truly blessed to have you as my sister in law. Thank you for taking time off to help with my Bridal Shower. I love our relationship <3.


Photographer: Dreamline Productions