So you found the groom (check!), got the ring (check!), said ‘Yes to the Dress!’ (check!) and now it is time to find the next important item – SHOES!  Yes, what you wear on your feet the day of your wedding can honestly make you or break your pretty little toes.  When it comes to figuring out which style of shoe will fit your wedding best, then check out this tips below!

Tip #1 – Look at where your wedding will be.

Will your wedding be on the beach in Maui at sunset?  Or will it be on a rooftop overlooking the beautiful view of Downtown?

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Either way, the heels versus flats decision can already be made for you.  If it is anywhere that is outdoors (beaches, rural areas, the woods, gardens, etc.), then you will want to look into wearing flats.  I understand and know the trauma of wearing flats, but heels sink into soft ground (Try walking thru grass after the rain, then you will get what I am talking about).

If you are adamant about wearing heels you can purchase The Solemates High Heeler® which protects the heels of your shoes from sinking into grass and from becoming damages when walking on soft or unsupportive surfaces.  This is also a great gift idea for your bridesmaids.  They are available on Amazon and from Target and come in 3 different sizes and colors.

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Tip #2 – Break them in!

This sounds like something that would go without saying, but honestly brides always forget to take their wedding shoes out of the box and break them in.  I would definitely suggest walking around your neighborhood in them at least once or twice before the wedding day.  ‘Why?’ – Because you will be on your feet all day and night on your wedding day.  There might be some seating at the reception, but until that moment during the reception you will be glad that this advice was heeded your way.

This goes for heels as for flats.

Tip#3 – Keep the heels at good height.  Your groom will thank you.

I always run into a bride who wants super high heels, but I always remind them to be mindful of the groom’s height.  There are some men who don’t like the idea of their bride to be towering over them.  In the simplest of explanations, is your groom okay with a Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman scenario.

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If he isn’t, then I would keep the heel height to only adding enough height to make you at eye level with your groom.  This way he will be looking in your eyes all night long.

Tip#4 – Heels for the ceremony.  Flats for the reception!

If you just can’t decide between heels or flats, then go for both!  The Coordinated Bride Image 5 The Coordinated Bride Image 6

You could easily do heels for your ceremony, then change into flats for the reception.  Your feet will thank you in most cases for switching to flats before you get to the dancing part!  There are many pairs of flats that can be found that are definitely appropriate for any wedding.

So…what are you wearing on your wedding day?  Heels?  Flats?  or Both?

Article written by Kristine Baker  for The Coordinated Bride