Special thanks to the team at Bien Savvy for giving The Coordinated Bride an our wonderful readers an EXCLUSIVE preview of the 2015 bridal collection, Love Me Forever!  Luxury bridal and evening wear designer, Bien Savvy, is based in Romania.  This latest collection of wedding gowns are actually available now in Bien Savvy showrooms by appointment only, and you can preorder online via www.biensavvy.eu.

Love Me Forever is a ravishing expression of love for couture, a luxurious materialization of dreams and promises.  Inspired by the irresistible delicacy of the woman in love and by the sweet romance of love that unfolds freely, Love Me Forever, invites the bride to celebrate her love story with a unique and sophisticated wedding dress.

With the 2015 bridal collection, Bien Savvy has reinterpreted the classic princess and mermaid silhouettes to create seductive and luxury wedding gowns, profoundly romantic and impeccably detailed.

Love Me Forever brings into the spotlight the high-volume crinoline princess gown, the magic tulle bow and the sweet heart cleavage.  The floral texture of the lace is recreated with intricate hand-applied embellishments with pearls, beads and crystals, all details making a statement of style and luxury.

Love Me Forever!



TINA+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-3 TINA+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-1 TINA+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-2 SOPHIA+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-3 SOPHIA+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-2 SHARON+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-2 SHARON+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-3 SHARON+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-1 REBECCA+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-2 LUCIA+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-2 LUCIA+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-3 LUCIA+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-1 EMERALD+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-1 EMERALD+wedding+dress+---Bien-Savvy---2015---bridal---collection-3

Happy Planning Coordinated Brides!