THEIA  FALL   2019 Love  Is  Power

The Fall 2019 collection seeks to dress many different women and to allow them to be true to themselves.  We seek to amplify their message of strength and power in their expression of love.  Silhouettes are elegantly defined with dense hand-embroideries rich with pearls and glass beads or sexy and daring in sparkling fitted gowns with plunging necklines.

We seek the power of love for each and every THEIA bride.  Unique, extraordinary, and truly loved.

Fall  2019  began  its  journey  inspired  by  the  fragile  feminine  beauty  of  flowers.  However  as  winds  of  change  swept  across  the  world,  it  became  increasingly more  important  to embrace  and  exalt the  female  strength  and  power  that  co-exists  in harmony  with  this  fragile  beauty,  and  to  acknowledge  the  courage  and  bravery  required  to  speak  their  truths.

The  Fall 2019  collection  seeks  to  dress  many different women  and  to  allow  them  to  be  true  to  themselves.  We seek to amplify their message of strength

and power  in  their  expression  of  love.  She can choose to be fully sheathed in guipure embroidery, majestic crepes, or luscious liquid satins.   She can dress in  ethereal  dreamy  tulles,  or  classic faille ball  skirts. Silhouettes are elegantly  defined  with  dense  hand-embroideries  rich  with  pearls  and glass  beads  or  sexy  and  daring  in  sparkling  fitted  gowns  with  plunging  necklines.

We seek the power of love for each and every THEIA bride.  Unique, extraordinary, and truly loved.

HAIR:  Linh  Nguyen   ||  MAKEUP:  Susan  McCarthy   || FLORAL WALL:  Fleur  De  Pascal  || RUNWAY  PHOTOGRAPHY: Rodin  Banica  || VIDEO: Video  Fashion  || MODELS: Irina  Kondrateva – Q  Models R’el – Muse Kristina  Peric- The  Industry  Model  MGMT  Kylie  Frink – Wilhelmina Sarah  Fischer – Fenton  Moon  || MUSIC: Simon  Wheeldon