Inspired by the rich tapestry of his culture, perfected by a European savoir faire, Oved Cohen‘s style weaves together unique fabrics and elements that enchant us with his star- studded style.

The use of unexpected materials, remarkable creativity, lavish designs and unconventional colors, along with his attention to details and ability to transcend the current trends, have place Oved Cohen as one of the leading designers in the region. The touch of elegance, glamour, ingenuity, and passion are the symbol of Oved Cohen’s collections.

Oved Cohen’s is a “One man show”. He’s responsible for designing and manufacturing every item in his Fashion house, which explains his emotional involvement in every model. That’s another reason for the personal attention he gives to his every costumer- With no differentiation of age or social status. In the scale that this fashion house works in these days it is certainly an unusual gesture. Oved Cohen explains: “This is how I believe it should be and I have no intention of stopping with this attitude in the future. I never forget that costumers come to me. They come to purchase dresses that I designed. That’s why I try to please them and to make them satisfied – whether it’s in the service they get, the personal attention every customer gets or fitting the dress to their personal needs and wants”.

We are honored to share the 2018 Wedding Dresses by Oved Cohen.

All images courtesy of Oved Cohen.