Nashville based bridal designer Olia Zavozina is making waves in the bridal industry with her classic, sophisticated silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and CUSTOM designs. Olia’s gowns feature beautifully structured clean lines, well fitted silhouettes and the most luxurious fabrics including exclusive, custom laces.

Olia offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity that allows brides to select their own neckline, silhouette, fabrics and embellishment! Giving brides the opportunity to create their dream gown for their special day. The stunning collection and idea behind the custom designs are that every woman should feel their best self in their wedding gown- picking and choosing what works best for each bride is the only way to truly ensure that

At the recent New York Bridal Fashion Week, Olia celebrated her 10th year in bridal with this collection.

The Olia Zavozina flagship boutique is located in Nashville but you can check the Olia Zavozina website {HERE} for availability.

the-coordinated-bride-olia-zavozina-rosa_front the-coordinated-bride-olia-zavozina-anabela_back the-coordinated-bride-olia-zavozina-katya-_front the-coordinated-bride-olia-zavozina-catherine_front2 the-coordinated-bride-olia-zavozina-crista_front the-coordinated-bride-olia-zavozina-donna_front the-coordinated-bride-olia-zavozina-francesca_front the-coordinated-bride-olia-zavozina-lena_frontthe-coordinated-bride-olia-zavozina-bacallpantset_front the-coordinated-bride-olia-zavozina-leahtop_pant_back the-coordinated-bride-olia-zavozina-madelinepantset_front the-coordinated-bride-olia-zavozina-madelinetop_pant_front

You can follow Olia on Instagram {HERE}.

Special thanks to the team at CLD for sharing the collection with us!

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