The new 2018 collection from Israeli designer Nurit Hen, is appropriately entitled Stardust Couture!  The collection has an array of fitted lace gowns with the most magical details.

We are huge fans of Nurit Hen and have been for many years.   We always expect Nurit Hen to bring the glam and the elegance in all of her designs.  The dresses in the collection are stunning, no doubt, and any bride who wears a Nurit Hen Haute Couture gown will exude confidence and “fabulousity” on her wedding day!

Nurit Hen’s signature sleek mermaid and fit-and-flare silhouettes can be found in the Stardust Couture collection but she’s also included some semi ball gown looks that are gorge!!

Behold Stardust Couture!

The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A0130 The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A8045 The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A8102 The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A8230 The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A8313The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A8433 The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A8699 The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A8796 The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A8875 The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A9108 The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A9217 The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A9236 The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A9415 The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A9560 The-Coordinated-Bride-Nurit-Hen-Stardust-_04A9689

These dresses will travel to world-wide locations and brides will get the chance to find ‘The One’ in one of the Nurit Hen trunk shows.   There are shows listed in Philadelphia, New York, California, Arizona, Atlanta, Toronto, Texas and Florida!

Register to one of the private trunk shows and find your dream ‘made to measure’ couture wedding gown. Click the link below to find availability in your area!

Where and When
NYC: August 13-14 || LA: August 17-20 || Phoenix: August 23-24 || Atlanta: August 23-24 || Toronto: August 27-29 || Dallas: August 27-29 || Miami: September 1-3

Register by 4th of July and get a 1000$ discount towards your Nurit Hen gown!

Nurit Hen Trunk Shows

Happy Wedding Planning Coordinated Brides!

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