The Capsule Collection from Michal Medina is the first ready to wear collection of bridal gowns from the esteemed couture designer. This romantic mini collection blends flattering silhouettes with light, sheer fabrics, an abundance of sparkle and Michal’s talents as an expert tailor and seamstress. Geometric tulle and glittering detail give the collection a fresh, contemporary edge and the soft, fluid, full skirts keep the collection young and a dream to wear. Each design has a unique style to appeal to each personality of our brides’ and promises effortless romance.

Check {HERE} for a complete list of availability, including store in select states across the US.

The-Coordinated-Bride-Michal Medina-Capsule-TYRA BA1701. The-Coordinated-Bride-Michal Medina-Capsule-TYRA BA1701 The-Coordinated-Bride-Michal Medina-Capsule-NEOMI BA1703 The-Coordinated-Bride-Michal Medina-Capsule-NEOMI BA1703. The-Coordinated-Bride-Michal Medina-Capsule-kandel BA1706 The-Coordinated-Bride-Michal Medina-Capsule-kandel BA1706. The-Coordinated-Bride-Michal Medina-Capsule-GISEL BA1702 The-Coordinated-Bride-Michal Medina-Capsule-GISEL BA1702.. The-Coordinated-Bride-Michal Medina-Capsule-GISEL BA1702. The-Coordinated-Bride-Michal Medina-Capsule-GIGI BA1705. The-Coordinated-Bride-Michal Medina-Capsule-GIGI BA1705 The-Coordinated-Bride-Michal Medina-Capsule-BAR BA1704. The-Coordinated-Bride-Michal Medina-Capsule-BAR BA1704

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