The Jenny Packham 2017 Bridal Collection is for the modern romantic bride with a wanderlust soul.

With form-fitting silhouettes featuring wild flowers and foliage, the collection creates a whimsical feel, incorporating palettes of hazy barley, soft petal pink, springtime celadon green adorned ethereal sleeves, glitter flock tulle trains, twinkling beaded lace and elegant cascading tiered skirts. The crystal illusion bodices, exposed backs and plunging necklines also exude contemporary glamour.

Check out the collection below, photographed by Jane McLeish-Kelsey. The 2017 collection will be available Internationally from September, with many styles available in petite sizing, be sure to check for availability near you!

TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image001TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image002TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image003TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image004TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image005 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image006  TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image008TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image010TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image012 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image013 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image014 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image015TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image016 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image017 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image018 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image019 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image020TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image021 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image023 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image024 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image025TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image026 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image027 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image028 TCB-Jane McLeish-Kelsey-Image029

Special thanks to the team at Jenny Packham for sharing these images with us.