“A medieval princess preparing to be united with her knight in shining armor”

She rules her Ivory Tower and runs the show. Galia Lahav envisions her brides in a romantic middle ages setting. Her slinky hand crafted dress are adorned by floral motifs, beaded featured, and vaporous French laces that weave stories drawn from an era that is the beginning of romanticism as we know it. A focal point on silhouettes and forms inspired by Gothic architecture, offers the modern bride a variety of dresses fit for a Queen. Dusty Ivory and dewy blush creat depths in levels of textured fabrics that take us into a dream world of swirling gowns and endless trains. French laces and silk tulles are accentuated with embroidered details reminiscent of Gothic Roses and Rose windows. Hints of gold are reminders of the periods’ illuminated manuscripts, and their detailed illustrations.

1604 - Diana + Train 1604 - Diana B + Train 1601 - Victoria - F 1602 - Juliana B + Train 1603 - Elizabeth B + Train 1605 - Gwen F 1606 - Delphine B 1609 - Flavia B 1611 - Roxanne B 1610 - Adeline B 1609 - Flavia F + 1612 Elise Cape 1608 - Morgan B 1607 - Aurora B