The newest collection from Olvi‘s is full of lace, romance and ethereal detailing. Lace is the soul of each garment of Olvi’s, ranging from gowns, dresses, tunics, trousers, sweaters and cardigans. Olvi’s was founded in 2002 by CEO and Head Designer, Olga Yermoloff during a trip to London.   Olga ran into a beautiful lace dress in a small vintage store on Portobello Road Market. The dress was from the 19th century and it looked exactly like the dresses she dreamed of as a girl. From her passion for lace and other precious garments, Olga realized at that moment the potential of luxurious woman’s clothing made of lace. The name Olvi’s has no specific meaning a such, other than that Olga found this name to be personal, romantic and with a girly touch which reflected the world she envisioned.

Today Olga’s inspiration comes from many different places, such as music – which for Olga is very related to fashion but she also takes inspiration from art, nature, and vintage stores. Every Olvi’s garment is made from fine French stretch lace, has a unique lace pattern, the Olvi’s flower and is designed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Olvi’s has evolved into a Luxury Fashion House offering different collections: Bridal and Pret-a-porter and her designs appeal to the refined woman who is looking for something very special and who dares to stand out.

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Special thanks to the team at CLD Stylehouse for sharing the collection!!  We are so excited to see the collection in person during New York Bridal Fashion Week in just 8 days!!