Exquisite Style Jewellery is a family run boutique in Australia that has handmade jewelry by Hayley Garbowski.  We first fell in love with the jewelry that Hayley showed us but her story touched our hearts even more.

In 2003, Hayley and her family suffered a tremendous hurdle when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.   In order to pass the difficult recovery period Hayley and her mum began making jewelry together.

After a short time it was obvious Hayley had a gift when they sold out of all her pieces at the first market they attended. Hayley and her mother continued their work while she recovered and the business grew year by year.

Today, Hayley lives in Richmond, Tasmania with her adoring husband Mark. Together they run the Exquisite Style Jewellery store.  All jewelry is made on site. Her jewelry embodies the love and precision of her strong and beautiful personality.

Hayley refuses any standard short of perfection when it comes to her jewelry design and uses color to enhance each piece to its fullest potential.  Using only the finest Swarovski crystals and components when making her jewelry Hayley gathers much inspiration from old world charm and aims to bring a reflection of glamour and elegance to her customers.

These images were provided by Hayley and are from a recent photoshoot was taken out in the fields at Uxbridge, Tasmania with photographer Kishka Jensen.

These pieces are in fact exquisite!!  I can see so many coordinated brides and bridesmaids wearing any of these selections in engagement shoots, boudoir sessions, bridal showers/kitchen teas and especially on their wedding day.  Hayley can design custom pieces to suit the needs of any bride.  Contact her via e-mail at hayley@exquisitestyle.com.au and be sure to visit all the fashion and bridal pieces on her website {HERE}.  You can follow Exquisite Style Jewellery on Instagram.  Links to their other social media pages can be found {HERE}.

Happy Planning Coordinated Brides!!