A cleansing of the palette, a touch of the pure and classic. Introducing new Romantique bridal gowns from Claire Pettibone with sensuous silhouettes and graceful details. Followed by a selection of couture gowns re-imagined in classic shades of pearl and ivory. And for the final ode to the color of purity, introducing Gypsy Moon, with sequins shimmering beneath layers of tulle, and a floral cape befitting the Moon Goddess herself.

From the designer:

I know white and ivory are obvious in bridal, but for me, designing a collection with no color is actually a first! Each season is an evolution, and sometimes a fresh start from the last. Since my Vagabond Collection was color-filled, I felt the inspiration for this season to work exclusively in shades of white. There is a simplicity, and a purity to an absence of color, where the focus becomes purely focused on silhouette, texture and detail.