Shayla Mitchell (Makeup By Shayla) is a makeup artist based in Los Angeles.  I follow her on Instargram (@makeupbyshayla) and Twitter and she is not only beautiful she is good at what she does.  You can view her tutorials on YouTube {here}.

I made a little collage of some of her Instagram posts below.  Her talent is quite evident.  If you are lucky enough to be a bride on the west coast contact her for bookings via e-mail at

These are some beautiful wedding worthy makeup looks.

A few things to remember when choosing your wedding day makeup.

1.  Use your dress and wedding decor to determine your style of wedding which will determine the look that you are going for.  Vintage, Hollywood Glam, Modern, Soft, Renaissance, etc.  Your makeup should be appropriate for the style of your dress, the venue and the time of day.  A night wedding calls for a stronger, more formal look, while the lighting at an outdoor day wedding calls for a softer, more natural look. Similarly, the color and style of your wedding gown will determine if your makeup should veer toward sophisticated, or soft and natural.

2.  Choose matte and waterproof cosmetics for your wedding day look. Light-reflective makeup, particularly shimmery glosses or blushes, may make your skin appear shiny in photographs. Also, waterproof cosmetics will stay put through heat, rain or tears

2.  Eye Shadiow: Soft neutral colors are timeless.  Choose colors that go with your eye color.  Soft pinks, browns, and creams go with every eye color

3.  Blush: If you are fair skinned, choose a soft, neutral pink. Peachy pinks and coral-peach works great for those with medium skin tones. For dark skin tones, use a dark pink with brown undertones, or a warm plum blush

4.  Lips:  Soft berry pinks and classic reds will always work well

5. Contact a local makeup artist, salon, or visit a reputable department store makeup counter armed with your magazine photos. A professional makeup artist can advise you on the proper tools and techniques required to achieve your look. If you are having your makeup done professionally on the day of your wedding, ensure that your appointment is booked well in advance

Happy planning!