Anna Campbell, Capellazzo Couture, Daughters of Simone, Gwendolynne, Karen Willis Holmes, Made With Love Bridal, Mida Mandic, Sarah Janks and Unbridaled By Dan Jones all debuted collections during New York City’s Bridal Market at the OneFineDay Collective.  The showcase, hosted at Sun West Studios,  gave each designer the opportunity to be a part of the runway show and incorporated an array of  Australian and international bridal designers.

Check out these amazing designers and learn about their collection below, be sure to also head on over to their website if you like what you see !

Anna Campbell: 

Anna Campbell’s Ceremony collection opened the One Fine Day New York runway event. The Ceremony collection featured a selection of exquisitely tailored bodice underlays, completed with skirts of organza, chiffon, silk tulle, and lace, providing options for brides seeking a dress that creates incredible shape and structure, while still retaining sparkle! For more information regarding pricing, sizing and availability head on over to the Anna Campbell website!

tcb-annacampbell-001-e1477427540860 tcb-annacampbell-002-e1477427583222 tcb-annacampbell-004-e1477427618930 tcb-annacampbell-005-e1477427652912 tcb-annacampbell-006-e1477427683765 tcb-annacampbell-008-e1477427725235 tcb-annacampbell-009-e1477427766720 tcb-annacampbell-010-e1477427845549 tcb-annacampbell-011 tcb-annacampbell-003 tcb-annacampbell-007

Cappellazzo Couture

This was Cappellazzo Couture’s first showcase for Bridal Fashion week. Their collection incorporates intricate lines and details, combined with a precise fit. Coordinate this with one of a kind fabric and that’s what makes a Cappellazzo Couture gown. For more details regarding their pricing, sizing and availability, check out the Cappellazzo Couture website.

Daughters of Simone

Daughters of Simone debuted their Under Your Spell collection at this years Bridal Market. The dresses all incorporate a Bohemian feel and feature off-the-shoulder styles mixed with 1970’s inspired lace detailing. The designer Brit Castanos  included a version of her very own crochet-lace wedding gown into the collection as well. For the dreamer brides out there, the Under Your Spell collection is for you! Gowns start at $1,400.00 – for more information, check out the Daughters of Simone website!

tcb-daughtersofsimone003-e1477429548596tcb-daughtersofsimone001-e1477429512604 tcb-daughtersofsimone007-e1477429623458 tcb-daughtersofsimone009-e1477429661376 tcb-daughtersofsimone010 tcb-daughtersofsimone004 tcb-daughtersofsimone002 tcb-daughtersofsimone008


Combining delicate fabric with antique-style trimmings, Gwendolynne’s pieces are ladylike without appearing over the top – her styling is elegant, sensual and romantic. Gwendolynne’s unique signature look include details that combining luxurious couture hand embellishment (some featuring fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals) and exclusive fabrics (such as French, Swiss and Italian lace). Gwendolynne’s pursuit of timeless beauty appeals to contemporary brides who want to invest in designs that can be worn again! To learn more about pricing, sizing and availability, head on over to the Gwendolynne website.

tcb-gwendolynne-001-e1477430657716 tcb-gwendolynne-003-e1477430696288 tcb-gwendolynne-004-e1477430732112 tcb-gwendolynne-005-e1477430758463 tcb-gwendolynne-006-e1477430785691 tcb-gwendolynne-007-e1477430808234 tcb-gwendolynne-009-e1477430848280 tcb-gwendolynne-010-e1477430951139 tcb-gwendolynne-011-e1477430978585 tcb-gwendolynne-002 tcb-gwendolynne-008

Karen Willis Holmes

The Collection featured at this years Bridal Market is a true reflection of Karen’s 15 years of couture experience and paramount ability to create designs that effortlessly drape over the female body exuding natural elegance and femininity. Each gown carefully considered and every delicate detail thoughtfully placed to best represent the Karen Willis Holmes bride. The full collection will be in stores starting early 2017! For more information regarding, pricing, sizing and availability, check out the Karen Willis Holmes website.

tcb-karenwillisholmes001-e1477431537129 tcb-karenwillisholmes009-e1477431750518 tcb-karenwillisholmes004-e1477431630672 tcb-karenwillisholmes003-e1477431596435 tcb-karenwillisholmes006-e1477431681348 tcb-karenwillisholmes007-e1477431710946 tcb-karenwillisholmes002 tcb-karenwillisholmes005 tcb-karenwillisholmes008 tcb-karenwillisholmes010-e1477431777739

Made With Love Bridal

Made With Love’s Fall 2017 Collection featured modern wedding dresses, detailed with beautiful lace, plunging necklines and flattering silhouettes. Made With Love Bridal dresses include tulle, satin, lace, hand-made lace and satin-organza. Some of their dresses are beaded and all of their ribbons are satin. Their collections are available in ivory, some in champagne and others in tan. To learn more about their gowns check out the Made With Love Bridal website.

tcb-madewithlovebridal001-e1477432374987 tcb-madewithlovebridal002-e1477432402281 tcb-madewithlovebridal005-e1477432462565 tcb-madewithlovebridal006-e1477432487747 tcb-madewithlovebridal008-e1477432522606   tcb-madewithlovebridal004-e1477432439857 tcb-madewithlovebridal003 tcb-madewithlovebridal007

Mira Mandic

Mira Mandic has been at the forefront of bridal innovation for over two decades, and since 2001 is the only Australian couture house that has a permanent design studio in Paris to complement their flagship store and workshop in Double Bay, Australia. Mira’s vision for bridal gowns is to enhance the natural beauty of the female form whilst expressing each client’s individual style. All gowns are made with the best lace and textile mills across Europe in order to develop exclusive fabrics and gown designs, exquisitely handcrafted for each client. To learn more about pricing, sizing and availability head on over to the Mira Mandic website!

tcb-miramandic001-e1477490441498 tcb-miramandic002-e1477490471240 tcb-miramandic003-e1477490508702 tcb-miramandic004-e1477490533708 tcb-miramandic005-e1477490556620 tcb-miramandic008-e1477490777303 tcb-miramandic007-e1477490661101 tcb-miramandic006-e1477490579777

Sarah Janks 

The Sarah Janks bride is bold, rare and confident in her effortless style. Sarah Janks gowns incorporate old design inspiration, executed using modern techniques. Soft and delicate, in fabric and detail, yet clean and unfussy lines, slim silhouettes and a truly modern interpretation of the wedding dress, Sarah Janks dresses are distinctive in their look and feel, each collection being another chapter in the same, timeless classic story. For more information regarding sizing, pricing and availability, head on over to the Sarah Janks website.

tcb-sarahjanks001-e1477495230350 tcb-sarahjanks003-e1477495321996 tcb-sarahjanks002-e1477495265544 tcb-sarahjanks004-e1477495344246 tcb-sarahjanks005-e1477495369279 tcb-sarahjanks006-e1477495395548 tcb-sarahjanks007-e1477495422988 tcb-sarahjanks008-e1477495447342 tcb-sarahjanks009-e1477495472776 tcb-sarahjanks010-e1477495502750

UnBridaled By Dan Jones

UNBRIDALED by Dan Jones is an effortless fusion of luxe fabrics, shape defining silhouettes and exquisite craftsmanship. UnBridaled by Dan Jones gowns include a line of slick and sophisticated bridal gowns steering away from traditional bridal aesthetics. If you’d like to learn more about their sizing, pricing and availability, check out the UNBRIDALED by Dan Jones website!

tcb-unbridaleddanjones001-e1477495962248 tcb-unbridaleddanjones002-e1477495988470 tcb-unbridaleddanjones003-e1477496022973 tcb-unbridaleddanjones007-e1477496294287 tcb-unbridaleddanjones011-e1477496438281 tcb-unbridaleddanjones006-e1477496110914 tcb-unbridaleddanjones0010-e1477496409812  tcb-unbridaleddanjones009-e1477496386577 tcb-unbridaleddanjones004-e1477496066926tcb-unbridaleddanjones005Bride-To-Be’s – keep these designers’ in mind when looking for your future dream gown !

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Designers:  Anna Campbell || Cappellazzo Couture || Daughters of Simone || Gwendolynne || Karen Willis Holmes || Made With Love Bridal || Mira Mandic  || Sarah Janks || UNBRIDALED by Dan Jones