Yes, we get very excited when bridal fashion designers want to share their collection with our Coordinated Brides!  We were very happy when we received an e-mail from the team over at Italian design house Giuseppe Papini!   They’ve shared images from their 2015 ADV Campaign.  Ladies – these images will not be on their website until September but we have them here!

We love the designs because there are dresses for both the modern and classic bride.

Be sure to follow Giuseppe Papini via IG!  Be inspired Coordinated Brides and Happy Planning!



GIUSEPPE+PAPINI+2015+shooting21160+1 GIUSEPPE+PAPINI+2015+shooting21124 GIUSEPPE+PAPINI+2015+shooting21079 GIUSEPPE+PAPINI+2015+shooting21042 GIUSEPPE+PAPINI+2015+shooting20996 GIUSEPPE+PAPINI+2015+shooting20956 GIUSEPPE+PAPINI+2015+shooting20890 GIUSEPPE+PAPINI+2015+shooting20819

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