Hungarian design house Daalarna recently released it’s newest collection of stunning wedding dresses.
“Daalarna Couture is a designer company of progressive, forward-looking designs. Simple lines, sophisticated, graceful, elegant dress forms are characteristic in every area. Important values are impeccable quality and maximum attention to detail.”
Here are a few dresses from the collection!!
Daalarna-6+-+The+Coordinated+Bride Daalarna-5+-+The+Coordinated+Bride Daalarna-4+-+The+Coordinated+Bride Daalarna-3+-+The+Coordinated+Bride Daalarna-2+-+The+Coordinated+Bride Daalarna-1+The+Coordinated+Bride Daalarna-2.0+-+The+Coordinated+Bride Daalarna-1.0+-+The+Coordinated+Bride
Happy Planning Coordinated Brides and Happy Dress Shopping!!