You’ve seen his designs on the red carpet with stars like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé wearing Israeli designer Alon Livine and now more than ever, brides are also wearing his creations down the aisle.  We had the pleasure of attending the Fall 2017 runway show for Alon Livine earlier this month for New York Bridal Fashion Week.

The designs were filled with delicate fabrics, detailed embroidery, sultry silhouettes and showstopping, over the top details.

Here are some of our favorite looks from the show.  All images captured by Chanda Clement for The Coordinated Bride.

the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0387  the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0391 the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0395 the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0418 the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0433 the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0440 the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0451 the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0452 the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0491 the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0490 the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0497 the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0509 the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0517 the-coordinated-bride-alon-livine-dsc_0550