The Coordinated Bride Brunch III was held this past Sunday, July 24, 2016 at the Vista Sky Lounge at the Four Points Sheraton in LIC, NY.

TCB_Brunch_2016_001The event was attending by both brides and wives from the New York area and the overall goal of building a community of #bridesisters was achieved.

The staff at Vista Sky Lounge was top-notch and the food was exceptional.  The ladies were able to sip mimosas with a beautiful back drop of New York while listening to some of the best wedding vendors in the area discuss tips, trick and best practices needed to plan a successful wedding.TCB_Brunch_2016_033Makini and Lauren of Makini Regal Designs and Elle’s Couture Events collaborated and together were able to produce the stunning decor of Serentiy (Pantone color of the year 2016), ivory and gold.   The vibrant gold chargers were provided by LaSar Linens and the beautiful linens were provided by The Finishing Touch.TCB_Brunch_2016_002 TCB_Brunch_2016_007 TCB_Brunch_2016_010 TCB_Brunch_2016_013 Edited TCB_Brunch_2016_020 TCB_Brunch_2016_021 TCB_Brunch_2016_025 TCB_Brunch_2016_032 TCB_Brunch_2016_038 TCB_Brunch_2016_041 TCB_Brunch_2016_043J’adore Cakes provided the delicious blue and white cupcakes and  3 absolutely amazing display cakes!TCB_Brunch_2016_003Edited TCB_Brunch_2016_006 TCB_Brunch_2016_036 TCB_Brunch_2016_040

Guests of the brunch were able to gain insight on best practices to follow while planning a wedding from an expert panel of Guest Speakers.  Each speaker presented a 20-30 minute discussion on their subject matter expertise and the brides and wives were able to engage and ask questions as well as speak one on one with the speakers after the event.

Lauren Beamon || Elle’s Couture Events || Instagram || FacebookTCB_Brunch_2016_066 TCB_Brunch_2016_061 TCB_Brunch_2016_062

Makini Brereton || Makini Regal Designs || Instagram || FacebookTCB_Brunch_2016_071 TCB_Brunch_2016_076 TCB_Brunch_2016_077 TCB_Brunch_2016_079

Amy Anaiz || Amy Anaiz Photography || Instagram || Facebook TCB_Brunch_2016_083 TCB_Brunch_2016_089 TCB_Brunch_2016_091

B. Wilson || Just B Beautiful||Instagram || FacebookTCB_Brunch_2016_092 TCB_Brunch_2016_099 TCB_Brunch_2016_101

Selina Howard || Vainglorious Brides || Instagram || FacebookTCB_Brunch_2016_106TCB_Brunch_2016_110 TCB_Brunch_2016_108

Juliette McKay || The Coordinated Bride || Instagram || FacebookTCB_Brunch_2016_069 TCB_Brunch_2016_120 TCB_Brunch_2016_122 TCB_Brunch_2016_127

Thank you to the lovely Coordinated Brides who attended the event.  I sincerely hope that you enjoyed the event and gain a wealth of knowledge that you will use while planning your wedding and as a wife!!TCB_Brunch_2016_141 TCB_Brunch_2016_142 TCB_Brunch_2016_144 TCB_Brunch_2016_147 TCB_Brunch_2016_148 TCB_Brunch_2016_150 TCB_Brunch_2016_152

We ended the afternoon with some photo booth fun courtesy of Joshua Dwain and the Oh Shoot Booth!TCB_Brunch_2016_154 TCB_Brunch_2016_139 TCB_Brunch_2016_138TCB_Brunch_2016_153  TCB_Brunch_2016_156 TCB_Brunch_2016_158  TCB_Brunch_2016_161 TCB_Brunch_2016_162 TCB_Brunch_2016_164 TCB_Brunch_2016_169 TCB_Brunch_2016_170 TCB_Brunch_2016_171TCB_Brunch_2016_160TCB_Brunch_2016_130 TCB_Brunch_2016_135

This event could not be possible without the support of these amazing sponsors!Sponsors Final - 7.25.2016 The Coordinated Bride

The giveaways were possible because of these awesome “Friendors”!

Giveaways The Coordinated Bride Brunch

Each and every day we strive to be a resource for the sophisticated, fashion-forward bride with creative ideas and an eye for detail.  We are extremely grateful for each and every single one of you.

Until next time check out our Video  recap from Joshua Dwain!