On Sunday, May 7th, 2017, The Coordinated Bride collaborated with Harlem Cycle for a Bride Ride!!  It was the perfect way for Coordinated Brides to trim down for the trip down the aisle.   We presented the event as a way to “Cycle into a better you before you say “I Do”!!

Before the event officially began I handed out tiaras to all attendees.  The tiaras had a mini veil in either pink or white.  The brides looked just like the event logo once they put on their tiaras and got on the stationary cycling bikes!

We began with a little chat where I reminisced about what I learned from my wedding planning journey and the ladies and I went around the room in a Q&A session about all things weddings and wedding planning.  Next up, Tammeca Rochester, owner of Harlem Cycle, instructed an INTENSE, cardiovascular, butt-kicking cycling class that worked every fiber of our being for 45 minutes!  After we burned some calories we enjoyed smoothies and juices from Rejuvenate Juice Bar.  The afternoon ended with a healthy cooking demo from Chef Knitty of Knitty Kicthen who showed us how to prepare two quick meals that work out great when you’re on the go running to wedding vendor appointment after appointment!

The intensity of the 45-minute ride varied because Tammeca consistently changed our body position, resistance and pedal speed.  The pedaling worked our hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves and our core but Tammeca included some upper body workouts to ensure a head to toe burn!

About Harlem Cycle

Culture, Fitness and Soul!!  We were excited to partner with Harlem Cycle for this event.  Harlem Cycle is a boutique indoor cycling studio which opened its doors just over a year ago in Harlem New York.    They offer cycling classes seven days out of seven days in the week!  Culture, Community, Commitment and Convenience are the four company pillars.  From the music, to their decor, Harlem Cycle is filled with the rich culture characterized by the Harlem Renaissance.  There is a feeling of intimacy and community in a small studio where all classes are limited to a max of 20 participants.  Harlem Cycle is committed to creating a powerful and inspirational fitness experience bringing all customers one step closer to their fitness potential. The convenience of an online reservation and purchasing system providing customers with an “In and Out” simple and easy way to reserve, purchase and participate.

This boutique cycling and health conscious Bride Ride was the little push that some of the brides needed to begin exercising and eating more nutritional meals.    We want all of our Coordinated Brides to lead a healthy lifestyle which will improve sleeping patterns, increase fat loss, muscle tone, improved and clearer skin while decreasing stress, and the pièces de résistance – a smaller dress size!

Special thanks to all of the Coordinated Brides and Coordinated Bridesmaids who attended and a huge thank you to Tammeca and the Harlem Cycle team for hosting the event!

Until next time!!

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