Ebony and Hanh recently tied the knot on a beautiful golf course overlooking Lake Norman near Charlotte, North Carolina! Ebony wore a beautiful wedding gown from Winnie Couture with the cutest pair of Tiffany Blue Christian Louboutin heels.   Hanh looked handsome in a tan suit from Express and a sleek pair of Cole Haans!  Their wedding day was simply amazing!

Special thanks to Latosha Saunders of Story and Rhythm for the images.

Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8617_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8607_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8757_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8753_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8394_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8415_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8421_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8638_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_DSC6271_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_DSC6260_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8708_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8867_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8876_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8895_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8734_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8795_low

Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8728_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9050_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_DSC6644_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9159_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_DSC7004_low  Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9509_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9565_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_DSC6336_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9240_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9212_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9474_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8671_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8686_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8705_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8899_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG8903_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9253_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9256_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9259_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9270_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9273_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9294_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_DSC6806_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9464_lowSmith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG0073_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG0130_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9421_low

The Wedding Shoe Game {How to Play}

During your reception, place two chairs back-to-back on the dance floor for the bride and groom || Have the Bride and Groom remove both of their shoes || Have the Bride and Groom trade a shoe with each other (The bride will have one of her shoes and one of the groom’s shoe and vice versa).  Each person should be holding one of each shoe || Have a designated person, this could be the MC. Maid of Honor, Best Man, etc., ask a series of questions about the bride and groom and their relationship || After each question, the bride and groom will each hold up the shoe of the person they think is the best answer to the question.

10 of our favorite  questions:

  1. Who said ‘I love you’ first?
  2. Who is more likely to get lost?
  3. Who will have control of the DVR?
  4. Who will do the majority of the cooking?
  5. Who has the craziest family?
  6. Who is the better dresser?
  7. Who got better grades in school?
  8. Who spends more money?
  9. Who is the better kisser?
  10. Who is the better driver?
  11. The final question is usually, Right now, who do you love more than anyone else in the world?”

Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9802_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9932_low Smith_Nguyen_Story_and_Rhythm_IMG9988_low



Vendor Acknowledgements

Photographer:  Story and Rhythm//DJ:Story and Rhythm//Reception Venue:The Peninsula Club//
Submitted via Two Bright Lights