Erin and Ricky married in a beautiful vintage, industrial wedding on the Sunday before Christmas of 2013.   Their wedding was a stunning display of understated fashion with exquisite details on a $16,000 budget.

From the photographer Studio 83 Wedding Photography

Erin and Ricky chose a wedding venue that is a converted industrial cotton mill called The Engine Room.   And it rained. . .I mean rained. . .The whole day.     Fortunately, we had lots of natural light from the large windows that grace the venue.   And I could not have asked for a more amazing wedding day!!  Fun and relaxed, we had a great time!  The bride’s favorite detail of her wedding day were the “buttons” on her bouquet.   She states, “My grandfather had passed a few years back from lung cancer and his US Navy lapel pins were used as the “buttons” on my bouquet.

Erin says of how they met, “Ricky and I both attended college at UGA in Athens, Georgia. We met through mutual friends while living in Reed Hall and later started dating our junior year of college while studying together for a Spanish class.”   She says that they are the perfect match because they balance each other out so well. Erin and Ricky wanted a wedding that was unique in which they could really show off their personalities.  They have a very vintage style.  Their venue choice, The Engine Room, was perfect for that.  Carrie’s Bridal offered the perfect dress for Erin’s style as well. She actually left after trying it on and visited other stores.  She quickly returned to purchase the dress, realizing that she had found “the one.”   Since both Erin and Ricky were in graduate school, they decided to get married the Sunday before Christmas (on a Sunday to help with the budget and while on break so that they could go on their honeymoon.   They didn’t want to have a “Christmas wedding” though. Wedding planner and event designer, Jessie Patton with Southern Sophistication Designs, made a vintage winter wonderland come to life with baby’s breath, vintage mantles, and sheet music in Christmas balls and paper chains.  On Erin’s bouquet, Jessie placed her deceased grandfather’s navy lapel pendants. It made for a perfect decision!  Erin states that the best advice she could give to other brides is, “Do sweat the details.”  She says the best decision she made was hiring Jessie as her wedding planner. Jessie also took care of event design, floral, day of coordination, and even the invitations.  Erin states, ”Our biggest expenses were food and photography. Before we started planning we agreed that those areas of planning were the most important to us.

Ricky and I love to trying new places to eat and cooking together. It made sense to share our love of good food with our family and friends.  After all was said and done, we have our pictures that tell the story of our day. We wanted candid shots of our family and friends. Andie and her team captured all the details and little moments of our day perfectly. ”Andie Freeman of Studio 83 Wedding Photography states of Erin and Ricky, “These guys were the perfect wedding couple!  I have been blessed to have a lot of those.  They were comfortable in front of the camera. They weren’t afraid to cry and then wipe away their tears (I love those shots!) and they really showed me their personalities and their love for each other.   The venue was amazing.  It poured the rain the entire day. Not only did Erin not freak out about it, but we embraced the rain and incorporated it into their photographs.  With all of the large windows, we were able to have enough natural light to utilize the space. And there was a rocking reception!

Sunday weddings tend to be a little on the slower side, but this one was a party!”

 The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC053151_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC05326_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC05368_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC05463_low
The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC075131_low
The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC05537_1_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC06838_low
The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC06721_low
The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC05685_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC05654_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC05717_low
The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC06320_1_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC0626411_low
The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC05754_1_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC05756_1_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC05769_1_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC0579411_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC05857_1_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC05913_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC05982_low
The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC06051_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC06130_low
The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC06662_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC06647_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC06642_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC06655_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC06569_1_1_1_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC06571_1_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07413_low
The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC065821_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC0652511_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC0661911_low THe Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC072561_low
The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_IMG70381_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC06459_1_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC062541_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07121_low
The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07377_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07376_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07367_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07230_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07193_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07194_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07195_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07212_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07225_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07346_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07334_low
The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_IMG72101_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC07465_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC076341_low The Coordinated Bride Gurley_Zoller_Studio83WeddingPhotography_DSC0744611_low

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Studio 83 Wedding Photography // Caterer: Bleu House Cafe // Makeup Artist: Bombshell Creations // Dress Designer: Carrie’s Bridal Collection // Cake Designer: Cecilia Villaveces Cakes // DJ:Dynamite Entertainment // Event Planner: Southern Sophistication Designs // Event Venue: The Engine Room//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights