This couple will probably look familiar to you. The Coordinated Bride featured Kerena & Wendell’s vibrant engagement shoot in Liberty Village (Toronto) earlier this year. Their story began 6 years before Wendell popped the question.   They were friends for 4 years and lovers for 2 before Wendell took Kerena to the beautiful landscapes of Blue Mountain in Collingwood and was waiting on one knee when she woke up in the morning, “dying to hear her say YES,” as Wendell put it. We were so excited to see the couple’s wedding pictures and even more excited to feature them again!

Their photographer Nathalie Atanda of Redwood Studio describes the couple’s vibrant April wedding below.

“If you have seen this couple’s engagement and wedding photos around, the first thing that catches your eye is their bold and fun colors: orange and gold. This was incorporated into Wendell’s suit, the groomsmen’s accessories, Kerena’s bouquet, the bridesmaids dresses (made by @_dianadesigns who also made the couple’s engagement shoot outfits) and flowers, the table settings, all the reception décor and most importantly: the cake!”

Not only does this color theme welcome summer with open arms and look amazing on everything and everyone in this wedding, it’s different than anything we’ve seen before and looks stunning in photos. Many couples play it safe with neutrals and quiet colors, but Kerena transformed her favorite colors into a beautiful wedding theme.

The Venue

Alderlea is located in the heart of Brampton and is an iconic mansion from the 19th century that went under careful restoration to make it perfect for a perfect wedding venue. Alderlea is ‘19th century vintage meets 21st century chic’, offering a gorgeous exterior that transports you back to balls and horse-drawn carriages, and a modern inside with high ceilings and nostalgic details. This venue was perfect for the couple’s intimate ceremony and reception, hosting their closest family and friends and might we add, complimenting their color theme phenomenally. Kerena & Wendell took to Gage Park in Brampton to shoot their wedding day photos, and the setting is truly a wedding photographer’s dream. The park makes for a perfect backdrop.

Kerena & Wendell’s wedding was an intimate affair, with their close family and friends around to celebrate their big day. It was hard to pick a favorite part of the wedding, everything was beautiful and amazing.

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Vendor Collaboration

Bride: Kerena Moore  // Groom: Wendell Sappor // Ceremony Location: Alderlea in Brampton, ON //Photographer: Redwood Studio –Natalie Atanda // Bridesmaid Dresses:  Diana’s Designs Brampton, Canada // Hair|Makeup: Philippa Frimpong