Bernardo and Shakeena tied the knot on August 27, 2016 at The Addison in Boca Raton, FL.

From the Bride & Groom Shakeena and Bernardo:

Our Story

My husband and I met at a mutual friend’s house. When Bernardo and I met he actually thought that brother was my boyfriend, so he acted really shy and weird that night.   He stole my number from our mutual friend and sent me a text as if I was the one who had given him my number.  lol.  Over the years we became friends and did not begin dating until 2 years ago. Before we were officialy a couple, Bernardo would call me his wife.  One night, after leaving marriage counseling performed by our officiant Pastor Joann F. Brown of Shiloh Living Word Ministries, he took me to Deerfield Beach and proposed near the ocean. This was the place where he first asked me to be his girlfriend.  We dated for 1 year before he proposed.

Wedding Planning

The Joys of wedding planning is seeing everything come together, watching our family enjoy themselves and listening  to all the beautiful toasts from family and friends.  And let’s not foget dancing the night away as husband and wife. The pitfalls of planning are trying to make all your ideas a reality for your special day.  Another pitfall was securing the perfect videographer who shared our vision; we lost a couple of members of our wedding party, nonetheless God blessed us abundantly. However, ensuring your vendors will go the extra mile for you is a blessing. Our photographer Greg was amazing. He went beyond our expectations. He even helped my wife bustle her dress.

Advice for fellow Coordinated Brides

My advice for fellow coordinated brides is to find the right vendors.  Vendors who understand your vision and give you more than you expected. The right people will make your wedding planning a breeze. Remember to breathe throughout the entire process of planning.  Try not to allow many people to give you their opinion of your wedding.  Follow your heart and your gut. Also, trust God that everything will be just fine, after-all he honors marriage and ordained it from the beginning of time.

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Vendor Collaboration

Photography: Imagery By Jules || Florals: Flowers By Sandra || Venue: The Addison of Boca Raton