The Coordinated Bride Brunch IV was held this past Sunday, September 18, 2016 at the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago.

Brides and wives had the opportunity to mix and mingle with some Chicago’s wedding industry elite in a posh, elegant and chic environment.  The event was coordinated to the ultimate level of perfection by the best in Chicago, Akeshi Akinseye of Kesh Events and Kesh Designs.

Walking into the glam front entrance of the Waldorf set the tone for what turned out to be an amazing event.  The listees were greeted with passed freshly squeezed juices and calligraphy printed mirrors by hand written by Calligraphy by CT while checking in at the registration table.     The food prepared by top chefs of the Waldorf Astoria was literally “Finger Licking” good.

The number one goal of the brunch is to form a community of Coordinated Brides and to provide these Coordinated Brides with direct and one and one access to the crem-de-la-crem of the wedding industry.  Our guest speakers included Akeshi Akinseye, Owner of Kesh Luxury Group, Desiree Dent, Owner of Dejanae Events, Selina Howard, Creative Director and Stylist for Vainglorious Brides, Olu Akintorin, Destination Photographer and owner of Olu Jr Photography, Bisi Essein, Owner of Crystal-Eyez Makeup & Beauty Lounge, Cheri Davis, Owner of Cheri Denise Events and your’s truly, Juliette McKay, Owner and Editor in Chief of The Coordinated Bride.

The morning ended with some additional mingling and photo booth fun with Olu Jr. Photography, and a very scrumptious dessert buffet by Sweet Soirees Chicago.

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Thanks to EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE that helped to make the Chicago leg of our society brunch series such a huge success.  It was wonderful to attach the beautiful faces to so many Instagram names.  Our Listees showed up dressed to the T and ready to mingle.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors and Coordinated Collaborators

Waldorf Astoria, Chicago – Venue || Tiffany Lynne – Brand Consultant || Kesh Events – Event Coordinator  || Calligraphy By CT – Mirrored Welcome Sign and Menu || Olu Jr. Photographer and Dare 2 Dream Photography – Photographers & Photo Booth || Posh Luxury Events – Paper Flower Wall || Ten23Designs – Wood Hashtag Sign || Sweet Soirees – Dessert Buffet || L’ Shanell Events – Confetti Poppers ||

Everyone is asking where we’re headed next.  Drum Roll please…


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Guests (Listees)

Photo Booth fun with Olu Photographr

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