Certified Coordinated Bride
Journal Entry # 6
Down The Aisle

Hello one last time Coordinated Brides!

I am writing this final journal entry and I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by. It feels like just last week I was standing in front of the hotel window in my white robe, hair and makeup done, looking at the sky just praying.

It has now been three months and some things have changed since that day, and life as a wife is in full swing!

The Wedding Day – June 23

Rain was all I could think about the morning of my wedding. It wasn’t actually raining; it was just VERY cloudy. Luckily, it was white overcast, not dark and gloomy. Of all the things I could pay for, plan for, or secure with a guarantee of what was to occur that day…the weather was completely out of my hands.

Hands down the highlight of my morning that gave me all the endorphins at the most perfect time, was when I inadvertently sprayed champagne all over one of my friends. It was for the shot of the Bride, usually on top of the bed with her bridesmaids, shaking champagne in celebration-that one. I didn’t mean to get it on her, I just shook the bottle for the shot…buttttt the champagne had other plans and wound up on her face and in her hair. When I realized what happened I bolted to the bathroom out of fear I’d actually pee myself, I was laughing so hard. To this day, that scene in our video cracks me up. #champagnemami

The forecast was all over the place, but by the time we had to pack up and leave the hotel for our “first look”, there was no turning back. The plan was to take pictures at the park, so off we went. Still no rain! Yay! Better yet, the temperature was a breezy 75-degrees and not the dreaded typical June 90-degree heat.

I got there first, and waited in the limo as Adrian arrived next. He walked right passed me as I watched him behind tinted windows, and my heart skipped a beat. All the worries I had from the morning slowly began to dissipate. We waited for him to be out of sight, and then I made my way to him. Finally, once we saw each other and we could both talk to one another, I felt such a calmness just being there with him. We spent the next hour taking the sweetest pictures with just the photographers, that I’m so happy we got to experience.

We later got to the venue and “show time” took on a more public meaning. I was no longer going to be in front of tight family and friends. I was going to be in front of over 100 guests that have come from everywhere to see us. This was when my stress levels began to climb. Luckily, that day I was the lady wearing the white dress so champagne flowed freely and heavily in my direction before the ceremony, and I am not complaining! The booze helped for sure!

The peak of my stress, however, hit seconds before I walked down the aisle. It was typical “stage fright” I suppose, but on a much larger scale. Everybody’s eyes fixated on you, all those cameras and iPhones snapping and recording away…my head couldn’t take it once it was reality in the moment. No one could see me yet, but as I’m waiting around the corner my breathing changed. I’m hearing Adrian’s song play and I know mine is coming next…uh oh. I started textbook hyperventilating. My knees weakened and I began to keel forward, while my dad and the Maître’ D attempted to assist. The harder I tried to catch my breath, the less air I had in my lungs. I was breathing so loud I thought guests might hear me. I was having the most epic anxiety attack I had ever had in my life, and what felt like hours, thankfully only lasted a minute or so. In a weird way, because we had a schedule to stick to, and because my processional music was going to play next…I knew I didn’t have much time and had to mentally strong arm this thing and shoo it away. I slowly straightened up, wiped the tears from my face, and did the damn thing. I’m not built for that kind of attention; I seriously hate it.

I turned the corner, and was in full view and all smiles! The second I made eye contact with a few guests though, my eyes began to water again, so I focused on the officiant. Then, as I approached Adrian, I looked at his sweet face, and began to get the ugly wobbly lip thing that happens when you try not to cry! No one knew or could tell about the panic attack I had just moments before, and that was a huge relief!

The ceremony happened, and it was the most beautiful thing. People kept telling us how nice and sweet it was, and I felt it. I blinked and it was over. I actually thought to myself, “that’s it?” We were introduced as husband and wife and this time, the walk back was so much easier! I was all smiles and still…not one drop of rain! We did it. The photographer told us that was the best light for photos anyhow (cloudy skies), and even if it began to pour at this time, I wouldn’t have cared because we made it!

Later on, as our guests had the most decadent cocktail-hour filled with the most delicious foods EVER, we got to try and taste everything in the back while my friends did my bustle, and my hair stylist did my second look. My bustle was acting up, so I had to just roll with it and leave it partly unfinished. Again, no one could tell anything was really wrong with it, so yay! We danced our first dances, and everything from this moment on began to exist in a fast forward kind of pace. The best man and maid of honor speeches were a hit, our parents danced like maniacs, and people were having a blast in the photo booth! It still brings water to my eyes the thought of how much love filled that room that night. I am so beyond fulfilled and happy with how everything turned out. The end of the night came, and we hosted a bunch of our out of town guests in our hotel suite. That was the best way to end the night, honestly. It was intimate, it was quiet, and there was booze.

It’s hard to take your own advice of believing “everything will be just fine” when you’re the Bride and planner/coordinator for the day that is yours that is happening all too fast. As much as I’m happy to have had the wedding of my dreams, I gotta say…I am happy it’s over lol! I’m filling up my extra time these days by helping a friend of mine plan her wedding in Oregon. I feel like I’m still riding my high as a newly-wed/former wedding planner for herself, so I’m all about it!

The Honeymoon

Adrian and I agreed: I plan the wedding, and he plans the honeymoon. Since we are both teachers we have the same time off in the summer. He planned the most epic 6-week, backpacker’s dream of a honeymoon, all over South East Asia. We would tell people “Thailand” was our destination, but Adrian really had been planning Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan.

This man planned everything, every little and major detail in such a way…I cannot even properly express how good a job he did. Some highlights include: Adrian getting picked to dance in a Lady Boy show, a little boy randomly licking my elbow on the skytrain in Bangkok, bathing elephants in a sanctuary, experiencing an earthquake for the first time (and hopefully the last), watching Adrian eat bugs and drink snake whiskey (none for me, thanks), travelling the world with my best friend, soulmate, and now HUSBAND. We took way too many pictures, made some really sweet friends along the way, and got a crispy tan.

Thank You

Now that we’ve sent out the Thank You cards, the finishing touches include getting the longer documentary video of our wedding from the videographer and selecting the photos for the official album(s). I am so honored to have been selected as one of this year’s Certified Coordinated Brides // Featured Guest Bloggers. Being able to share the nuances of wedding planning and being a bride with a community of people who actually get it and offer support has been a memorable experience. If it weren’t for platforms like these, I would not have been able to find the most amazing hair stylist and makeup artist. I wouldn’t have known half of the things I learned from former Brides themselves. Thank you for listening, and thank you for sharing your experiences. To all future Brides, I wish you the most gorgeous, stress-free wedding. To all wedding professionals, thank you for sharing your work, providing answers and support, and making us Brides feel confident.

Until next time, or until there’s a baby to “coordinate” 😉 … thank you and best wishes.

Much love,
Mrs. Sardiña