Beautiful Resort Mountain Wedding

Photographer: Betsy Bender Photography Client: Brooke Lombardozzi Album: Beautiful Resort Mountain Wedding Brooke and Stevie’s wedding resounded with love and intentionality. Not only was there deep love between the bride and groom but also between them and their family and friends who had worked so hard to create the perfect wedding especially for them. Each […]

A Coral & Champagne Ombre Engagement Party

Andrea and Jen were best friends and roommates in college.  So, when both girls got engaged around the same time, it was only natural they plan a joint engagement party, together.  Andrea is an event coordinator at Cinta Events so I knew this party was going to turn out fantastic but I had no idea […]

Romantic Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Shoot – Kimberley and Will

Will and Kimmy met at a super-bowl party in Manhattan on a snowy February evening. Will walked into the party and noticed that Kimberley had on a Philadelphia Eagle’s football jersey (his home team). Will went over and introduced himself to Kim, he smiled and said I’m from Philly too! Kimmy replied ” I’m not from Philly, I just like the color of this jersey” they both […]

Romantic Wedding at the Surf Club in New Rochelle

Churchillina & Woody initially met because Woody conducted a Facebook search looking to see who would attend his future college Pace University in two months.  During the search, Woody stumbled across Churchillina’s profile picture and was immediately smitten. He pursued her when they started school and have been together for the past six years. They […]

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