Signature Drink – Skittles Vodka

Signature Drink – Skittles Vodka

1. Separate your skittles into colors 2. Mix 60 skittles and approx. 180mL vodka in empty water bottles 3. Shake the bottles well and leave them overnight 4. Lots of white residue will be left, filter this out using a coffee filter or similar. Repeat as needed Chill (in freezer) and serve.

45 Life Lessons by Regina Brett

I received a forwarded message that included 45 Life Lessons written by Regina Brett.  After reading them I realized that there were a few that gave me butterflies. I decided to share them in this blog and will reference them every day (as should you) to remind me that I should always stay grounded and […]

Unison Event Planners LLC featured in DIVINE Magazine

A few months ago I was contacted by Megan Mottley, Publisher for DIVINE Magazine, about an upcoming section in the Fall 2010 issue.   I am honored and humbled to be featured in the “40 Movers & Shakers Under 40” segment of Divine Magazine’s Fall 2010 Issue!!  I also wrote the Planning the Perfect Party […]

Wine Pairing for Beginners

If your knowledge of wine is limited my hope is that this post will assist in helping you to have a great wine experience at your next event. There are many many wineries in the US…actually about 6,000.  This makes it pretty difficult to determine the kind of wine you want to serve.  Usually people […]

6 Steps to Host A Fabulous House Warming Party

A really close friend contacted me last week to say that she was having a housewarming. She wants to keep it simple but elegant. She is far far away and most of her friends and family are local to the NY/NJ tri – state area so there will be a lot of people traveling for […]